The Directorate of Curricula and Academic Programs was established by the decision of His Excellency the President of the University, (Decision No. 3878, dated 14/01/1437 AH) as one of the executive projects of the strategic plan of the University Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs (high quality academic programs) to achieve the two main objectives, namely: improving the quality of existing academic programs, and the creation of new academic programs compatible and aligned with the labor market.

Our Vision

Leadership in supporting university colleges to develop distinguished academic programs of high market value.

Our Mission

Develop standards for the design of academic programs and following up their implementation by providing effective support at the bachelor and diploma levels, in light of learning outcomes-based education that is compatible with latest research findings and job market trends.


  1. Develop standards and procedures for academic programs review and creation.
  2. Monitor the implementation of academic programs at the undergraduate and diploma levels.
  3. Providing effective support and advice to facilitate the implementation of curricula at the undergraduate and diploma levels.
  4. Evaluate academic programs in line with the mission and goals of the university and in cooperation with the concerned groups.

Our Values

  • Appreciation
  • Engagement
  • Perfection
  • Commitment

The Directorate Structure

The Directorate was formed to include five units according to the approval of the University President (No. 5/6975, dated 25/1/1441 AH) which are:

  1. Studies and Research Unit
  2. Technical Reviews Unit
  3. Labor Market Alignment Unit
  4. Training and Performance Development Unit
  5. Communication Management Unit

Directorate Personnel

The directorate is supervised by Dr. Khaled bin Saleh Al-Zahrani, appointed by His Excellency the President of the University decision No. 7557, dated 1/2/1442 AH.

  • Assistant of General Supervisor: Prof. Muwafaq bin Salim Bishara.
  • Assistant of General Supervisor for English language programs: Mr. Mohammed bin Athar Javid.
  • Director of the Studies and Research Unit: Dr. Hana Bint Sulaiman Alrasheed.
  • Director of the Technical Reviews Unit: Dr. Yanallah bin Ahmad Alqarni.
  • Director of Labor Market Alignment Unit: Dr. Ismaeel Mohammad Al-Nabrawi.
  • Director of the Training and Performance Development Unit: Dr. Mohammed bin Musa Alshamlih.
  • Manager of the General Supervisor’s office: Ms. Azza bint Muhammad Al-Ghamdi.
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