Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University (IAU) strives to enable individuals with disabilities and empower them in the university community and in the society in general. The university is making necessary arrangements to the learning environment to be appropriate, attractive, and accessible for all students, regardless of their type of disability. Special Education Department was established in the university over a decade ago, and it has played a critical role in preparing qualified special education teachers in accordance with the standards of specialized national and international organizations. 

In the line with the university vision in providing fundamental and assistive services to students with disabilities, the Care Unit for Students with Disabilities has been formed, and it is supervised by a qualified team of specialists in the field of special education.The Unit seeks to meet the needs of students with disabilities; identify the obstacles they might encountered during their education journey in the university, offers recommendation to eliminate these obstacles and makes the necessary adjustments.

The Unit aims to establish the principles of integrating students with disabilities in the campus community and ensure an inclusive learning experience by providing them with the possible opportunities to participate actively in all events that will promote their social life. In this regard, the unit offers pastoral care services for students with disabilities including individual preparation programs, to aid students in their social and psychological well-being. In addition, the unit pays great attention to Twice-Exceptional Students in the university, considers their substantial abilities, provides them with a stimulating environment that develops their talents and seeks the opportunities to be benefited from their talents.


Being a pioneer in achieving a high-quality academic experience for students with disabilities at the university and enabling them to participate effectively in the society.


Organizing efforts to provide comprehensive and integrated services to enable students with disabilities so they can succeed in their university's life, and participate independently in the society based on the principle of equal opportunities.


Commitment, Cooperation, Empowerment, Proficiency, Inclusion, and Diversity.


  1. Ensuring that students with disabilities at Imam bin Abdurahman University obtain their rights.
  2. Creating an accessible university environment for students with disabilities.
  3. Planning and implementing proper approaches, strategies, and sustainable solutions to facilitate and overcome the difficulties and challenges that students with disabilities may encountered through their education's life.
  4. Providing supportive and inclusive services for all students with disabilities in various aspects (Academic, Environmental, Entertaining, Psychological counseling, Training, and Technical) services.
  5. Encouraging students with disabilities to be effective members in the university community.
  6. Coordinate and collaborate with other professionals, organizations, and units in the university campus and broader community to enhance the quality services for students with disabilities.
  7. Raising the awareness of university employees, including faculty members, and students, of the importance of accepting human diversity and knowing effective ways to deal with students with disabilities.
  8. Continuous monitoring, evaluation and assessment of all services provided by the Unit for the Care of Students with Disabilities.


  1. Coordinating between all concerned parties within the university to ensure that students with disabilities receive the support and care necessary to succeed in their university studies.
  2. Seeking possible opportunities for students with disabilities to obtain a study offer at the university in coordination with the relevant colleges and the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  3. Following up on the implementation of the policies and procedures contained in the Manual of Regulatory Rules and Procedures for Services for Students with Disabilities, taking into account the relevant regulations and instructions ,
  4. Examining the physical access of the university environment according to the Universal design program and suggest sustainable solutions.
  5. Encouraging students with disabilities to participate in various activities (science, sport, social…) inside and outside the campus.
  6. Ensuring that institutional and programmatic academic accreditation requirements for students with disabilities are met in cooperation with the relevant departments and colleges.
  7. Conducting research studies for the purpose of development and improvement by providing the necessary data on students with disabilities while maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of all data.

Organizational Structure

The unit includes four committees: 

  1. Training and Development Committee
  2. Support and Follow-up Committee
  3. Empowerment and Universal Access Committee
  4. Partnerships and Public Relations Committee

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