As the University Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs looks forward in its vision to excellence and leadership in the field of education, learning, and professional development, it has established within its structure a directorate dedicated to measuring and monitoring the academic performance of the university's colleges and academic programs at the undergraduate and diploma levels. The directorate ensures the continuous improvement of its practices and adopts relevant academic initiatives. The directorate of monitoring academic performance works on building and automating academic performance indicators through integration with relevant entities within the university. It verifies them through the optimal investment of the university's resources and technological systems, with the aim of enabling decision-makers to monitor and support academic performance in the colleges.

Directorate of Monitoring Academic Performance Process Cycle Mission


Excellence in supporting university colleges to enhance the educational process and improve their academic performance.


Providing quality service to the colleges by measuring and analyzing academic performance indicators, supporting efforts to improve them using a systematic and sustainable approach.


  1. Measure the progress of academic performance in colleges and their programs through quarterly or annual comparisons.
  2. Support colleges by monitoring and analyzing the results of academic performance indicators, planning, and suggesting effective action plans to achieve continuous performance improvement and benefiting from academic initiatives.
  3. Contribute to the quality of the educational process in terms of monitoring: the results of academic procedures that represent the student's experience from enrollment to graduation, student learning improvement, faculty performance, student evaluations, alumni and employment assessments.


  1. A healthy academic environment and supportive organizational climate characterized by the quality of academic performance in university colleges programs.
  2. Benefit from the academic initiatives of the University Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs and measure their success.
  3. Enhance the integration of the directorates and centers of the University Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs in one cohesive work system.
  4. Enhance institutional loyalty, transparency, responsibility, and excellence through integration and collaborative efforts in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities.
  5. Contribute to achieving institutional and program accreditation standards with quantitative and qualitative evidence by closing the quality loops through utilizing measurement results, satisfaction rates, and performance indicators to ensure a quality learning experience for students. 

Support and endorsement partners

Colleges, Decision Support Unit, Deanship of Communications and Information Technology, Directorate of Academic Initiatives.

Directorate of Monitoring Academic Performance in number for 2023-2024 

Directorate Performance Indicators

  • Number of reports: 21
  • Number of meeting: 24
  • Number of Email: 198
  • Number of administrative transactions: 12
  • Number of academic performance indicators : 28
  • Number of events: 1 Lecture
  • Number of usage guides to extract academic indicator results from data dashboard : 2
  • Number of responses to an opinion poll on academic performance indicators: 133

Contact us


Dr. Noha Abdul latif Almulla
Director of Directorate  of Monitoring Academic Performance 
Ext. 33108

Dr. Osama Elsayed Ibrahim
Associate Professor – Faculty of Arts
Member of Directorate  
Ext. 33092 

Dr. Samaa Hamed Al Mubarak
Associate Professor, College of Public Health
Member of Directorate  

Phone : 35214
Ext. 35214

Ms. Reem Ibrahim Al-Khateeb
Secretary of Directorate  
Ext. 32287

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Last update on: 29 April 2024
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