1. Supervise the implementation of executive regulations and the rules of university level study and examinations.
  2. Supervise the preparation of study schedules for the students in coordination with other sections and collaboration with the Dean of Admissions and Registration and the study schedules committee.
  3. Supervise the progress of final examinations in coordination with the Examination committee.
  4. Supervise admissions and transfers from different colleges and academic departments.
  5. Supervise the work of the Student Affairs Committee and the Student Activities Committees.
  6. Direct and guide students and solve problems relating to academic study.
  7. Supervise lists of disqualified students and graduates.
  8. Assist students in the selection of study syllabi according to their specialization.
  9. Spread awareness of academic regulations among students and assist them. 
  10. Provide complete student data to the academic counselor.
  11. Inform students of the number of hours required.
  12. Serve as a communication channel between students and their educational sections.
  13. Provide forms for withdrawl, addition and change of departments.
  14. Follow up the status of all students with respect to postponement, withdrawl, transfer and change of specialization of failed students.
  15. Inform the student of his/ her academic average and have his/her signature on academic warnings.
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