To be the leader both locally in the Eastern Province as well as in the Gulf Region for academic excellence in the discipline of accounting and to receive international recognition for our innovative accounting program.


The Department of Accounting seeks to develop distinguished informed graduates who seamlessly combine the knowledge they have attainted while at UD with professional experience in order to fulfill the needs of the community.  By focusing on continuing education and emphasizing the importance of positive ethical values, the success of our graduates is ensured.


  • To continuously develop the accounting education programs so that they are in line with scientific developments and the requirements of society.
  • To provide students with the cognitive and analytical skills in order for them to succeed in their professional lives.
  • To increase the interest in developing deductive reasoning and communication skills as well as promote interest in continuing education.
  • To facilitate the interaction between the Department of Accounting with its students and the professional community by establishing accounting and auditing businesses in the community.


Analytical skills:

  1. Develop the students' abilities to infer scientific and technical analysis in order to address contemporary accounting challenges.
  2. Develop the students’ critical thinking skills so that they will be able to choose the appropriate accounting procedure when they face multiple accounting paradoxes.
  3. Develop the students' capabilities to use quantitative methods in order to make appropriate decisions.
  4. Develop the students' abilities to analyze company reports and financial statements and use this information in order to rationalize administrative decisions.
  5. Develop the students’ deductive capabilities through the objective comparison between different accounting systems in different facilities.

Cognitive skills:

Teach the students the cognitive aspects of basic science and how these relate to accounting, through lectures and discussions in order to address the accounting standards within Saudi Arabia and internationally. 

  1. Develop the students' skills in applying theoretical concepts and knowledge.
  2. Develop the students' abilities in quantitative methods in order for them to make appropriate and well thought out accounting decisions.
  3. Develop and hone the students' talents for selecting appropriate accounting procedures when faced with a variety of accounting challenges both virtual and real.

Interactive skills:

  1. Instill the spirit of cooperation by having the students work in groups and conduct joint research projects.
  2. Teach the students’ self-management techniques by creating schedules and deadlines for assignments and adhering to these parameters.
  3. Develop communication skills through presentations, using tools such as PowerPoint and spreadsheets.
  4. Achieve effective communication through the management of panel discussions.

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