1. Spread the culture of quality throughout all College levels.
  2. Supervise performance appraisal in the College.
  3. Supervise the implementation of academic evaluations and the accreditation program.
  4. Determine training requirements for the faculty and college personnel and coordinate with respective bodies in the University to provide such requirements.
  5. Encourage faculty and personnel to attend workshops and training courses.
  6. Supervise the preparation of the College's annual report and distribute it.
  7. Follow up facilities and hall development as well as laboratory renovations.
  8. Establish a clerical organization and specify the functions and responsibilities of the personnel.
  9. Implement an awards program for creativity and distinction in the areas of academics, research, and functional performance in the College.
  10. Prepare a suitable periodical review of plans with respect to approved quality calibers in order  to assure continuous improvement in academic sections and respective administrative units.
  11. Implement and follow up the faculty's teaching performances and help them attain professional and scientific distinction.
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