Scholarship and Teaching Assistants Unit


  1.  Suggesting the general policy for scholarships.
  2.  Suggesting the annual plan for teaching staff scholarships and trainings in accordance with the relevant university authorities.
  3. Considering the recommendations of different scientific departments regarding staff scholarships that match their annual plan.
  4. Receiving and reviewing the recommendations of the scientific departments regarding the appointment of new lecturers and teaching assistants to be submitted to the College Council.
  5. Following up the status of weak performance scholarship students in different scientific departments after passing half of their period to submit a report to the College Council.
  6. Preparing detailed monthly and annual reports on the status of scholarships in different scientific departments and submitting it to the College Dean.

Scientific Affairs and Post-graduate Studies Unit


  1.  Reviewing and developing plans for post-graduate studies programs in accordance with college different scientific departments.
  2. Proceeding the admission tests for post-graduate studies applicants and providing the College Council with the nominated list.
  3. Providing academic guidance to post-graduate students.
  4. Reviewing and updating different evidence for post-graduate studies.
  5. Discussing the master's and doctoral thesis proposals to be submitted to the College Council.
  6.  Following-up the accreditation of the post-graduate studies programs and plans

Research Ethics and Quality Unit

  1. Following-up and assessing the quality of scientific research published by college staff.
  2. Ascertaining the extent to which researchers comply with the ethics of scientific research.
  3. Making recommendations about what are observed in terms of procedures or activities that do not comply with the ethics of scientific research.
  4. Reviewing and verifying scientific publishing standards scientific publications and translation before presenting to College Council.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit


  1. Supervising training programs, workshops and competitions about innovation and entrepreneurship that are held by different university deanships.
  2.  Supporting and encouraging talented and innovative University students and graduates to achieve their future goals that this represents the university core aim.
  3.  Attending periodic meetings, assignations, and training workshops held by the various deanships in the university with respect to innovation and entrepreneurship to learn about the latest developments in the field.
  4. Establishing communication channels with the industrial sectors associated with the College's interests and specializations.
  5. Encouraging creative and innovative talents in different scientific departments to participate in various competitions and activities.
  6. Motivating all college members and students to attend events and scientific forums on innovation and entrepreneurship.
  7. Maintaining coordination between the scientific and study research unit requirements and the research and innovative productions of college students.
  8.  Following up updates in innovation and entrepreneurship field within the university.

Scientific Research and Study Unit


  1. Monitoring and following up the implementation of the research plan in different scientific departments
  2.  Assisting and encouraging college staff and students to conduct scientific research and to publish in international and local scientific journals and conferences.
  3.  Keeping the coordination between the Scientific Research Deanship and college.
  4.  Forming research groups within departments in different fields.
  5. Preparing scientific seminars and forums.
  6.  Monitoring and following-up research in college in general.
  7. Representing a communication channel between the Scientific Research Deanship and college staff.
  8. Submitting research status reports to Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Vice Dean.

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