The College started as a science and mathematics center affiliated to the Ministry of Education in 1397/1396 AH, in Al-Marikabat neighborhood in Dammam, and then it turned into an intermediate college in the following year 1398/1397 AH. Bachelor degree program was introduced under the name Teachers College in Dammam in 1409 AH / 1988. In 2007, the college joined King Faisal University and was renamed as the College of Education. In 1430 AH/ 2007 CE, under a royal decree, King Faisal University became University of Dammam, currently Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University. The college offers a bachelor's degree, a post-bachelor's diploma, and a master's degree in a number of educational disciplines.


Leadership in the preparation of teachers in Saudi Arabia and provide them excellent training.


To prepare educational cadres that contribute to the building of a knowledge based society capable of competing globally through upgrading the programs of the college and its various units, provide scientific and educational environment and develop  necessary capacities to prepare these cadres in an effort to establish a scientific society based on  high level of efficiency. While responding to the diversity of the needs of the community, the problems of the educational field and the challenges of comprehensive development which can be done by providing initiatives for educational development and optimal employment of knowledge, research and technology in the light of the values ​​and needs of society.


  • Provide a distinctive education to contribute to the preparation and training of human cadres and train them scientifically, culturally and professionally to carry out teaching tasks in public education and educational work, and in the field of people with special needs in various disciplines.
  • Develop scientific research and postgraduate studies in psychological and educational fields to improve the quality of educational outcomes.
  •  Build a genuine partnership with Saudi society and Arab communities by conducting lectures, courses, seminars and conferences related to the educational process.
  • Create a continuous improvement of academic, administrative and educational organization.
  • Contribute to building an integrated learning environment, characterized by creativity, excellence and positive interaction inside and outside the college


Affiliation, proficiency, creativity and teamwork in scientific research, social responsibility, ethics of the profession and research in curricula and teaching methods.

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