As one of the highest goals of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 is to raise the country to be a pioneering model at all levels, it was important to raise awareness and attention to the individuals with special needs and enable them to engage in the community to be able to contribute actively in the development and construction and accelerate the process . Hence, the Department of Special Education at the University of Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal intended to improve the quality and quality of services provided to individuals with special needs in order to achieve excellence and uniqueness at the local and global levels in the field of special education. This vision can be achieved by the presence of selected qualified faculty members with scientific and practical experience and who are equipped with the latest knowledge, experience and practices in the field of special education. In this sense, it is important to present this site as a comprehensive guide to everything related to the special education department of Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University in terms of vision, mission, objectives, organizational structure of the department and the department's available programs.


Prepare specialized professional teachers to serve students with special needs as well as fulfill their desires and ambitions.


Support the social and economic developments in the Saudi Arabian society, which will require the efforts from all strata of society including those with special needs.  The Department is seeking to overcome the obstacles faced by individuals with special needs by preparing special education professionals:

  • Who can tackle the challenges of people with special needs.
  • Conduct research in this specialized field.
  • Participate in related conferences and seminars.
  • Provide consultations.
  • Participate in national and international activities in this area.


  • Prepare special education teachers to teach students with special needs, learning difficulties in particular, in primary education.
  • Offer a Bachelor of Education in Special Education degree with an emphasis in Learning Difficulties.
  • To offer specialized diplomas and master degrees in special education and learning difficulties in particular for those who want to be specialized in this area and work under the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia.
  •  Organize conferences, seminars, workshops and projects in this area.
  • Conduct research and academic studies in special education in order to satisfy the expectations of the community.
  • Develop the professional competency of staff working in special education and introduce them to recent developments and trends in the field, by hosting courses and seminars in cooperation with the local community.
  • Provide consultations in special education for all sectors in this field.
  • Develop research partnerships with counterparts in other universities and research centers regionally and globally.


Department Chair: Dr. Yousef Ahmed Busaad
Department Secretary: Dr. Afnan Abdul Rahman Almulla
Chair of the Quality and Program Development Committee: Dr. Mariam Faisal Alnaim
Chair of the Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Committee: Dr. Aeshah Abdullah Alsarawi
Chair of the Faculty Affairs and Related Matters Committee: Dr. Faiyaz Habeib Almatar
Chair of the Events and Community Service Committee: Dr. Mohammed Sami Aladasani

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Published on: 03 June 2014
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