The kindergarten program strives to become a leader on both the local and international levels; to keep pace with the recent developments that achieve the aspirations of society.


Preparing specialized teachers in the field of kindergartens, nurseries, or children's audio-visual programs, in children's clubs, and children's libraries, furthermore, encouraging scientific studies in the field of kindergartens. This is done through the department's various programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and what the department has of material and human capabilities.


  •  Preparing qualified female teachers to teach in kindergarten, and qualifying human cadres for university education in specialization and scientific research.

  •  Striving to make a qualitative leap in preparing a teacher compatible with the children’s growth physically, mentally, psychologically, socially, and emotionally, through experiences that translate theory into practical application, and an effective partnership between distinguished public education schools and the university.

  •  Building a distinguished program based on practical experience in partnership with pioneering and distinguished schools; it provides the teacher-student with an effective environment for observation and observation in the first year, and support from the school administration and practical field application in the following years of the program, which increases her knowledge and develops her skills.

  •  Using the best educational practices, which ensure that all elements of the educational process (children, kindergarten, curriculum, society) achieve the requirements of the twenty-first century and build a new generation that has a lot of skills of analysis, thinking, innovation, creativity, application, technical handling, and other skills that determined by the national framework for bachelor's graduates in line with the changing spirit of the times.

  •  Seeking academic accreditation for the program locally and internationally.

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