Leadership in supporting and improving the learning processes by employing education and training technologies.


To contribute to the preparation of qualified teachers and specialists capable of dealing with the technology of education, training and learning resources in design, production, management, use and evaluation.


  • Provide students the necessary expertise to facilitate learning.
  • Improve training and educational services through the use of teaching and learning technology.
  • Provide students with the necessary expertise in the fields of education, training, information and communication technologies and their educational applications.
  • Provide students with the necessary expertise in the design, production, management, use and evaluation of learning resources.


  1. Teach courses in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
  2. Provide professional training workshops in the field and integrating and employing learning and training techniques in learning processes.
  3. Provide studies and consultations in the field of specialization of the department through official channels.
  4. Contribute to the holding of scientific seminars or seminars organized by the College.

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Phone: 0138274155  

Ext: 252 or 315

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