On behalf of myself and my respected colleagues including faculty members, lecturers, teaching assistants, and students, I am sharing the warmest welcomes and greetings to our websites, visitors. We are proud to announce the pass of 9 years since the department has received the first batch of students in Biomedical Engineering Department at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University during the academic year 2012-2013. It was also the first batch of students in such field of study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as our department was the first of its kind in KSA. With the support of the leadership of our college and university and as per 2021, an estimated number of 185 distinguished graduates serves the labor market in public, private hospitals, international and national medical devices companies, in addition to, local and international research centers. Also, those graduates have carried the vision, mission and objectives of the department and the university to contribute significantly to the development of the medical devices and healthcare sectors and also to play a prominent and distinctive role in the settlement and transfer of technologies and medical industries, which is in line and with the full harmony of the medical and technical industries inhabitation initiative in vision 2030. From the reception of the department's first batch of female students during academic year 1433-1434H, until achievements of the full unconditional accreditation of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) in 1439H, the department took on the role of The empowerment of Saudi women in engineering and entrepreneurship where this would have not achieved without the unlimited support of the college and the university leadership, as well as a distinguished faculty members, lecturers, and teaching assistants who worked hard to achieve such noble goal. Besides, the department has held strategic partnerships with major medical device and healthcare companies in the field of training and pioneering and innovative graduation projects, some of which have been nominated as projects with pioneering creative ideas with start-ups serving the community.

Graduates of the department are highly qualified and have local and international training in major hospitals, companies and universities, which has enhanced their ability to face the future and outstanding performance in their jobs, whether in hospitals or major international and local medical equipment companies as well as local and international research centers.

In view of keeping up with the the labor market and research developments in the field of biomedical engineering and to meeting its requirements, the first batch of male students was also accepted in the academic year 1438-1439, as well as the introduction of Master of Science (MSc) and Master of Engineering (MEng) programs in biomedical engineering. Both programs are currently under the final approval of Vice Presidentship for Higher Studies and Scientific Research.
Finally, I also refer to the significant contributions of the department in scientific research, and community service which will contribute to the advancement and improvement of the medical devices and healthcare sectors in KSA.

In conclusion, and on behalf of all employees, students of our department, we pledge and promise our beloved kingdom, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our leadership, and the presidency of our university and college, as well as our students, to cultivate years and work hard to let this country reap a blessed bumper harvest of graduates who are knowledgeable, innovative, passion for science, with leadership skills.

With regards and appreciation
Dr. Abdul-Hakeem AlOmari, PhD, MIEEE, MIEEE EMBS
Head, Biomedical Engineering Department | Level 3 | Building A13 |
College of Engineering| Gate: C1 East | New Campus|
Dammam | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
P.O.Box: 1982, Dammam 31451, Dammam
Eastern Province | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Tel: +966 (013) 3331703
Email: CE.BED@iau.edu.sa

Published on: 09 June 2021
Last update on: 09 June 2021