Aims and Applications

  • Chemical reactions of Carbohydrates.
  • Identification and distinguishing between types of sugars (Monosaccharide - Disaccharide - Oligo Saccharide).
  • Quantification of reduced sugars in Aqueous solutions.
  • Chemical reactions of Protein, identification and distinguishing between types of Proteins.
  • Quantification of Proteins in Aqueous solution.
  • Chemical reactions of Fatty Acids and fat.
  • Determination of Iodine number and acidity in fat.
  • Quantification of Lactic acid in milk, estimation of Lactose, total Protein and Cholesterol.
  • Detection and estimation of natural ingredients and pathological components in the urine.

Equipments and Devices

  1. Electrical Microscope
  2. Glassware
  3. Burning furnace
  4. Water Bath
  5. Electronic Scale
  6. UV Spectrometer
  7. Electric heater with mold
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