Aims and Applications

Analytical Chemistry:

  • Practical training on acid-base titration, redox titration, complexometric titration, and some methods of  gravimetric analysis.

Organic Spectroscopy:

  • Practical training on different preparation methods for the samples of organic compounds (solid – liquid) in order to measure the spectra of infrared and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Measure, record and interpret the results of various spectra and follow the chemical reactions in order to determine the formula structural of organic compounds.
  • Determination the maximum wavelength of colored materials.

Equipments and Devices

  1. Electric heater
  2. Distillation device
  3. Glassware
  4. Precision scale 
  5. Water Bath
  6. Spectrometer
  7. UV and Visible Spectrometer
Published on: 29 May 2017
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