The training program is one of the services provided by the Support Unit for Community Service in the College of Science to all graduates and those wishing to do so. At the end of the training period, the trainee receives the certificate of the training program to benefit from it in enhancing the CV and competition for jobs available in the labor market. Work on this training program began in 1433, the summer semester, and continues to date.


  1. Expand vocational training to provide for labor market needs.
  2. Improving the readiness of trainees to enter the labor market in the administrative and teaching fields.
  3. Trainees acquire skills in dealing with others and taking responsibility, including the ability to:

-       Take responsibility for their own learning and continue personal and professional development.

-       Working in a group effectively.

-       Acting responsibly in personal and professional relationships and adhering to workplace regulations.

-       Acting in a professional manner and adhering to high ethical values on a personal and societal scale.

-       Graduate acquiring communication and information technology skills.

Training Titles

The trainee receives multiple skills in the administrative, teaching, and technical fields under the title:

  • Administrative Assistant 
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Laboratory Technician 

Submission Period

The submission period starts at the beginning of each semester (first and second)

Required Documents

  1. A copy of the graduation document
  2. Copies of training course certificates (if any)
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