EHS clinics are drop in clinics, receive scheduled and non-scheduled patients not in critical condition. EHS provides healthcare services to all KFHU and University of Dammam employees. EHS opens five days a week, Sundays to Thursdays at 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

Employee Health Services provides

Preventive Services:

  • Pre-employment check-up: Each new employee must complete the pre-employment health evaluation process prior to the first day of work. Any such person who fails to comply with these pre-employment processes will not be permitted to work.
  • Iqama/Iqama Renewal Check-up: All hospital and university non-Saudi employees and their dependents and Saudi housekeepers and drivers will take their Iqama Check-up and Annual Iqama renewal check-up in the EHS.
    1. Iqama Check-up
    2. Iqama Renewal Check-up
  • Annual Check-up: Some departments such as Nursing, Surgery, Dental and Laboratory require annual check-up yearly for their employees.
    For Dietary Department:
    Stool Analysis every six (6) months
  • New Student Admission Check-up: Yearly during the month of July, all students accepted in medical and paramedical colleges are interviewed and tested for: Note: Students with abnormal physical examination or blood tests will be referred to the hospital administration.
  • Preclinical/Pre-internship check-up: All medical/paramedical students and interns will undergo medical check-up before starting their clinical rotations.

Curative Services

  • Primary Care Clinics
    Every working day there will be 3 clinics in the morning (8:30 AM – 12 PM) and 3 clinics in the afternoon (1:00 PM – 3:00 PM), run by consultant, specialist and general practitioner, receiving scheduled and non-scheduled hospital employees.
    Patients who need immediate care will be referred to Emergency Room “ER”. Those who need consultation will be referred to specialized OPD.
  • Occupational Health Clinic
    Run by occupational diseases consultant
    Once weekly (Tuesday morning)
    All work related injuries, illnesses, chemical/fluid exposure and hospital sponsored screenings for a particular health problem will be referred to the clinic.
  • OB/Gyne Clinic
    Three morning clinics, three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)
    Attended by OB/GYNE consultants
    Receive only scheduled patients.
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