Health education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by giving activities which raise an individual’s awareness, informing the individual on the nature and causes of health/illness, the risks associated with their lifestyle behavior and motivate them to accept the process of behavioral change through directly influencing their values, beliefs and attitude systems.


To be a leading Department in Health Promotion & prevention at King Fahd Hospital University by utilizing a high level of health accreted standards


To plan, implement and evaluate prevention interventions to increase health awareness, enhance decision- making, motivate behavior change and extend health education services to schools, collages societies and positively influence our King Fahd Hospital university community and public using all available resources.


  1. To identify educational needs of the patients & community of KFUH
  2. To establish programs to meet these needs with continuous evaluation
  3. To provide knowledge, maintain health awareness, prevent further complications
  4. To help individuals to take responsibilities of her \ his own care.
  5. Enhance the ability of people to cope effectively with health promotion, health maintenance and illness control.
  6. Improve self- value of individuals and promote their well being
  7. Reduce undesired risks of diseases and illness.
  8. Help people maintain integrity as an active of the member of the health care team
  9. Increase active involvement of the individuals and community participating in the health care delivery.

 Scope of Services

Health Education services providing a comprehensive patient education program for inpatient and outpatient using all available resources, and Outreach Health education aims to extend health education services to schools, colleges, societies , the community and public at large as requested by the hospital administration.

Core functions

  •     Establish Health Teaching programs.
  •     Assists with the provision of health education
  •     Provides health teaching services through a process of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation and documenting teaching.
  •     Collaborates with medical and support services in order to achieve the patient education objectives
  •     Use a team approach with other health professionals  to coordinate care in the hospital and post discharge
  •     Coordinates Health Education activities
  •     Provides or reinforces release of care and follow-up information given by the Health care team


Hours of Service Provision is Sunday to Thursday 7 AM to 3 PM (all staff members)


Services Provided

  •     Provide information on basic self-management skills to ensure safe post-discharge care.
  •     Use a team approach with other health professionals (e.g.  Physicians, nurses, dietitians, social worker) to coordinate care in the hospital and post discharge.
  •     Provide information on community resources for continuing patient education if needed.
  •     Identify educational needs of the patient / community
  •     Establish health teaching programs to meet the educational needs.
  • Provide knowledge that maintain health awareness, prevent complication
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