Emergency Department is an academic clinical department accessible to patients of all age groups and genders whom will be provided with the best quality of care and mostly will be treated at the ED and discharged with the proper instructions. If the patient’s condition requires admission patient will be referred to the consulting service according to patient condition for further advanced management. The department functions 24 hours, 7 days a week.

ED staffs are continuously dedicated in improving the patient outcomes that are acutely ill and injured, through high quality, evidence-based practice, cost-effective and efficient care. ED embraces the quality improvement and patient safety processes then moving forward in raising the BAR of the standard in patient care through continuous education and research.  ED staff working closely together in collaboration with other services to maintain the excellent service provided to patient and family.

In line with the KFHU mission the following are the ED goals and objectives towards attaining a center of excellence for the provision of emergency care:

  • Level of Care based on Canadian Triage
  • Promotion of Emergency Care Standards
  • Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
  • Educational Programs
  • Research

Emergency Department provides resuscitation & stabilization of all critically ill and critically injured patients, handling all types of emergencies with threat to life, organs, limbs or sight in all age groups. All emergency invasive and non-invasive procedures within the privilege of emergency medicine practice. The department is also equipped with resuscitation life-saving equipment and proper medications.

The department is run by proper staff members ranging from consultants with international board certification, to specialists and senior registrars and residents. Healthcare providers also include EMT’s and paramedics, nursing staff and respiratory therapists, coordinators and administrators.

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