About the Department

The International Students' Grants and Welfare Department in Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University was established based on Cabinet Resolution No. 94 dated 3/29/1431 AH, which includes regulations for accepting and caring for non-Saudi students, and the decision to establish charitable funds in educational institutions to support grant programs based on aids, donations, grants, wills, and endowments to provide an attractive university environment for scholarship students through services, activities and social care to contribute in building their personality, and caring for scholarship students because they are their countries' ambassadors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where they will return to their country with feelings of love and loyalty for our generous country.


Leadership and distinction in teaching, learning, and caring for scholarship students based on Islamic teachings and values.


Providing and creating an attractive scientific environment for scholarship students and upgrading the services and programs provided to achieve quality standards to be in line with the Kingdom's 2030 Vision.


Honesty, transparency, respect, equality.


  1. Attracting scientifically distinguished students to achieve diversity and enrich scientific research.
  2. To transmit the Islam's message to the world, to teach Arabic language and to spread the culture of moderation.
  3. Establishing scientific and cultural bridges with various scientific and Islamic institutions in the world.
  4. Strengthening solidarity between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the world.
  5. Preparing effective specialized scholars in all disciplines.
  6. Introducing scholarship students to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's scientific, economic, political, social and health status.
  7. Designing appropriate, specialized programs and activities to sponsor scholarship students.
  8. Strengthening the social relationship between scholarship students, university students and the local community.
  9. Creating a charity fund to support scholarship programs based on subsidies, donations, gifts, wills, and endowments.
  10. Providing help, assistance and solving all the difficulties that scholarship students face during their studies.
  11. Preparing scholarship students to become ambassadors for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in their countries.
  12. Enabling scholarship students to perform Hajj and Umrah during their stay.

International Scholarship Students' Advantages

  1. Health care for the student and his family members if they are brought to reside with him, like that provided to citizens.
  2. A two-month settling allowance upon his arrival.
  3. A three-month graduation allowance for book shipping.
  4. Advantages enjoyed by fellow university students.
  5. The university will provide reduced-price meals for external students, and the university council determines the amount that students must pay.
  6. The student will receive a reduced economy class flight ticket to the Kingdom upon acceptance, and one at the end of each academic year.
  7. The student is granted a one-way air ticket upon graduation from the university, provided that the student has not obtained a ticket from another party.
  8. International Scholarship students will reside in student housing for the duration of their studies without charge.

Social Welfare

Social welfare includes the following programs:

  1. Social trips, such as Umrah and Hajj, and trips to explore the Kingdom's different regions.
  2. Programs for integrating scholarship students into the Saudi community, such as organizing a group breakfast in the holy month of Ramadan, attending Eid prayers, and participating in national events.
  3. Financial support provided to scholarship students, alongside their monthly allowance, this is achieved by providing them with an opportunity to participate in a student employment program where they perform certain tasks in their free time within the university’s colleges and departments.
  4. Benefiting from the university's Student Fund's various financial support programs such as the loan and the financial aid plans which are given to students in need, or who are exposed to circumstances that they cannot overcome.

Cultural Care

  1. Holding special courses and seminars in theology and Islamic sciences, while organizing visits of scholars and sheiks in the Kingdom.
  2. Dedicating a group of valuable Islamic books to scholarship students.
  3. Focusing on Islamic awareness programs during leisure and social trips, Hajj and Umrah trips to Makkah, and visits to Medina.
  4. Holding seminars for memorizing the Holy Qur’an for interested scholarship students.
  5. Participation in cultural competitions, such as competitions for memorizing and reciting the Holy Qur’an, the noble Prophet’s hadith, as well as a general cultural competition.
  6. Dedicating special professional courses to develop scholarship students’ skills and provide them with additional experience in the field of computer science, self-development, improving Arabic calligraphy, artistic and scientific hobbies, such as theater, drawing, formation, decoration, and scientific innovations.
  7. Various cultural written and oral contests, such as speech, poetry, and theater competitions.
  8. Organizing a heritage exhibition where international scholarship students display and present the culture of their country to the university and the local community.
  9. Cultural programs for acquainting gatherings and new students' introduction.
  10. Various sports activities.


  1. Conducting medical examinations for new scholarship students to grant them a residency permit.
  2. International grant students authorized to benefit from the services provided by the family medicine centers and the university hospital (KFHU).
  3. Providing free medical care to scholarship students and their families in all government hospitals and clinics.
  4. Students can benefit from the Psychological Unit in the Student Guidance and Counseling Center.

Procedures and Regulations for Scholarship Students

  1. Ensure that all students arrive from their country.
  2. Receiving new foreign scholarship students.
  3. Academic follow-up of regular scholarship students registered for the first and second semesters.
  4. Preparing a program for teaching Arabic at the College of Education for non-native speakers.
  5. Follow up on the housing department to provide housing for new students in the university's housing buildings.
  6. Coordination with King Fahd Hospital of the University in Al-Khobar to conduct necessary medical examinations for new students to issue residency permits.
  7. Following up on the administrative procedures for issuing residency permits for new students and issuing a university student number and ID card.

Total Number and Admission Years of Accepted International Scholarship Students

Number of Students Admission Year
26 2013
10 2014
26 2015
2 2016
8 2017
28 2018
15 2019
3 2020
118 Total

International Scholarship Students' Nationalities

  • Bahraini
  • Yemeni
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Indonesian
  • Chadian
  • Tanzanian
  • Tajikistan
  • Somalian
  • Ivory Coast
  • Nigerian
  • Afghanistani
  • Ghana
  • Togo
  • Burkina Faso
  • Kenya
  • Benin
  • Filipino
  • Bangladeshi
  • Senegal
  • Nigerian
  • Sierra Leone

Colleges with International Scholarship Students

  • College of Medicine
  • College of Architecture and Planning
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Computer Science and Information Technology
  • College of Business Administration
  • College of Applied Studies and Community Service
  • College of Education
  • College of Sharia and Law
  • Preparatory Year
  • Community College
  • Arabic Language Institute

International Scholarship Students' Activities and Programs

  1. Receiving the new international scholarship students
  2. Holding a comprehensive forum for the students
  3. An introductory trip for new international scholarship students at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University
  4. A trip for new international scholarship students to Makkah and Madinah to perform Islamic rituals.
  5. Nations' Festival
  6. Qur'an memorizing seminars in the Student Housing mosque
  7. Weekly meetings for international scholarship students
  8. Trips to Al Jubail Industrial City
  9. Creed and faith lectures held in the Student Housing mosque
  10. Self-improvement training courses and workshops
  11. Participation in the Pioneers of Goodness and Talent competitions
  12. Participation in my university is a more pleasant campaign
  13. Various cultural and scientific programs
  14. Contests to discover international scholarship students' talents and abilities

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