About Nutrition Department

Nutrition Department

It is the function of the departments of the Deanship of Student Affairs and supervising the food services that are provided on university events and student activities. The administration is keen to ensure that the health care is at a healthy and nutritional level of high quality.


Leadership in providing food services.


To provide high-quality, healthy food services to university students and its employees, with catering equipment in line with international standards.

Nutrition management services

  1. Restaurants: (Male Restaurant - Female Restaurant) Three meals are served daily (breakfast - lunch - dinner) in the university restaurants on weekdays.
  2.  “Cafeterias”: follow up the work of “cafeterias” in all university faculties and departments.
  3. Food services for student activities: The Nutrition Department participates in providing food service to support the success of student activities.

Functions of the Nutrition Department

The Nutrition Department carries out many administrative, supervisory, and awareness-raising tasks in the field of food health, the most important of which are:

Administrative tasks

  1. Supervising the necessary procedures to start implementing the subsistence contract.
  2. Supervising student nutrition services at the university.
  3. Strive to provide healthy meals of high quality.
  4. Developing and improving the nutritional services provided to students at the university.
  5. Benefit from students ’proposals in the field of providing better food service.
  6. Following up students' problems related to food service and finding solutions to these problems.
  7. Supervising the process of charging the prepaid smart card for students according to the approved financial systems.

Supervisory functions

  1. Setting the conditions and specifications for the university's nutrition services and following up on their implementation.
  2. Supervising the preparation and processing of meals.
  3. Follow-up of workers working in the kitchen in terms of personal hygiene, and cleanliness of tools.
  4. Supervising the cleanliness of food halls.
  5. Supervising the distribution of meals in an appropriate manner.
  6. Monitoring dry and fresh foodstuffs in terms of validity and quality.
  7. Following up on "cafeterias" in terms of cleanliness, and the variety of items offered.
  8. Follow-up to "cafeterias" in terms of adherence to the published prices.
  9. Following up on the implementation of the conditions of nutrition and lifting the violations.
  10. Following up the warehouses, knowing the needs, and the demands of the contractors to secure them.

Educational tasks

  1.  Working to spread food awareness by providing awareness and educational pamphlets.
  2. Providing training courses for students specialized in the field of nutrition.
  3. Receiving students to visit the restaurant and inform them of food supplies.

Activities, events, and programs that the Nutrition Department participates in.

  1. Hosting of university employees and students.
  2. Participation in the National Day ceremony.
  3. Participate in the university's graduation ceremony.
  4. Participation in all major activities of the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  5. Offering the duty of hospitality to the participants in internal sports competitions.
  6. Providing the duty of hospitality to university visitors.
  7. Provide the duty of hospitality to participants with special needs in the gym.
  8. Hosting female students of the Clinical Nutrition Department at the College of Applied Medical Sciences in the university's restaurant as part of the application part of the food services course.
  9. Participating in providing snacks for teams participating in sports activities for sports gatherings in the Saudi Universities Sports Federation Championship.
  10. Cooperating with the student clubs within the Deanship's activity (by keeping it lasting), whereby the leftovers and the extra quantity of lunch meals are collected, and the food is wrapped and divided, and then the mobile team distributed those meals to workers and the needy on the campus.
  11. Hosting delegations of university forums.
  12. Cooperating with the Itaam Charity Association by collecting leftovers and the extra quantity of meals and distributing them to the needy in the Eastern Region.

Dates of meals in the main university restaurant for students:

  • Breakfast: from (7- 9:30) in the morning
  • Lunch: from (11:30 to 1:30) in the afternoon
  • Dinner: from (7 to 9) in the evening

The Nutrition Department provides a smart card charging service to buy meals from the restaurant, and the shipping process is done with any amount of money in the university restaurant from 8 am to 2 pm

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