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About Student Housing


Student housing is one of the main factors that positively affect the life of a university student. Due to his distance from his native country during his studies, and one of the reasons for his psychological stability and the achievement of his educational goals.
And the university, in its relentless endeavor to create a suitable climate for the student, has provided university accommodation for students coming from outside Dammam or from outside the Kingdom as scholarship students.


Excellence in creating a student housing environment that is supportive, interactive, and productive for academic, scientific, psychological, and social distinction.


Helping the student to achieve himself and his academic goals by providing a comfortable residential environment; It has all means of comfort, in a healthy, social, and psychological atmosphere. 


  1. Student housing in accordance with bylaws, regulations, and instructions.
  2. Realizing comfortable accommodation opportunities for university students, creating supervision and administrative follow-up for them, and achieving psychological calm and stability for students.
  3. Create an appropriate atmosphere for the student; To devote himself to study, research, and achievement, and to excel scientifically, to be a good component of society.
  4. Investing students' spare time in various targeted programs and activities.
  5. Helping to build the student’s personality and highlighting his talent.
  6. Taking care of the student and helping him with economic or social problems that he may encounter.
  7. Realizing the principle of brotherhood and increasing communication between students within the university residence.

Services provided by the Student Housing Department

Services provided by the Student Housing Department at the Deanship of Student Affairs for housing students:

  1. The Student Housing Administration provides professional supervisors for 24 hours.
  2. Study rooms inside housing.
  3. A library for reading and studying.
  4. A means of reciprocating transportation from housing to colleges and back to housing.
  5. A specialized maintenance unit.
  6. Activity rooms.
  7. Gyms.
  8. Breaks.
  9. Mosque.
  10. Restaurants, cafeteria, and "supermarket".
  11. 11.Rooms for people with special needs.

Programs offered by the Student Housing Department

Programs offered by the Student Housing Department at the Deanship of Student Affairs for housing students:

  1. A reception party for new students in housing
  2. Student Housing Football League
  3. Student Housing Diwaniya
  4. External hosting for student housing graduates (my experience)
  5. Student Housing Volleyball League
  6. The Most Beautiful Residential Competition in cooperation with the Cultural Club
  7. A competition of energies and talents for student housing
  8. Competition for the most beautiful room
  9. The competition for the ideal student in student housing
  10. Student housing students participate in cultural competitions and achieve first places
  11. Student housing students attend sports activities and sports federation championships
  12. Implementing a few cultural and social programs inside the student housing buildings


  1. The number of residential buildings is 6 buildings.
  2. The accommodation capacity of the residential buildings is 988 students.
  3. The number of rooms for people with special needs is 6 rooms.
  4. The number of televised breaks inside the student housing is 66 breaks.
  5. The number of buffets rooms is 48 rooms.
  6. The number of laundry rooms is 28 rooms.
  7. The number of study rooms is 48 rooms.
  8. The number of activity rooms is 48 rooms.

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