It is the supportive and strengthening administration for the rest of the departments and units in the Deanship of Student Affairs, and it is concerned with providing technical and logistical support and overseeing the provision of the necessary services to ensure the quality of work in coordination with the departments and units of the Deanship and the University and to secure the various needs in order to help perform the tasks professionally in order to achieve the goals and raise the quality.


Leadership in providing high-quality and professional technical, service, and logistical support.


Providing logistical technical services with the latest sound means and methods that are consistent with international standards in providing support services


Honesty, honesty, transparency, cooperation


1. Working to provide public services for the Deanship, such as cleaning, maintenance, security and safety services, transportation and communication services for students ’residential buildings
2. Preparing and preparing for events, seminars and parties implemented by the Deanship
3. Follow up maintenance work for all facilities of the Deanship
4. Follow up cleaning work for all facilities of the Deanship
5. Follow up the implementation of safety requirements and requirements at the Deanship's facilities
6. Working to show the facilities of the Deanship in a manner appropriate to its position and to lay down the necessary work program for this
7. Coordination with the relevant authorities in securing the requirements of the Deanship
8. Preparing periodic reports on achievement performance
9. Supporting various tasks in the interest of performing work

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