Our College is characterized by being a tributary of science, knowledge and community service, with its potential equipment human and financial resources. And on the level of investing in the application and integration of knowledge in its active paths the College has witnessed contributions on the academic and research level and on the organizational and administrative level.

The College is considered as one of the most dynamic educational environments in various creative and intellectual aspects. It also possesses academic outputs which are convenient to the labor market as well as its role in promoting students' participation to take up responsibility towards their community. Such participation is shown through specialized students’ clubs and various extracurricular activities that contribute in creating a positive and distinguished environment. In addition, the College participates in community service through their community programs which adopts effective methods that matches the requirements of quality and academic accreditation. Thus, it forms an integrated system to achieve the University's Vision.

In conclusion, I am grateful to the College's management represented by the Dean and the heads of the scientific departments for their efforts as well as the efforts offered by the University's agencies and the supporting deanships.

May Allah grant us success to serve this blessed educational organization and our beloved country.   

Dr. Sahar bint Ahmed Fallatah

Vice Dean for Applied Studies and Community Service

Published on: 09 May 2019
Last update on: 09 May 2019
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