The Continuous Education and Faculty Development Unit at the College of Dentistry was established to support the faculty development and continuing professional education needs of all staff, faculty members, alumni, students, and all practicing dentists and specialists in the region.


  1. Assessing the training needs of faculty, students, and admin and support staff and encourage participation in career enhancement and personal development activities. 
  2. Organize symposiums, seminars, lectures, and workshops in collaboration with college departments and in partnership with national and international speakers and organizations.
  3. Promote advancement in the field of Dentistry.
  4. Improve faculty engagement with the dental community within the region. 
  5. Serve as a channel to convey the knowledge from the expertise within the College to the alumni and dentists in the region.
  6. Become one of the leading centers of Continuous Education in the region.
  7. Seeding culture of continuous education and lifelong learning into the students, faculty, and staff.


Scope of Services

1-   Continuous Dental Education Courses

1.1. Manage CME activities. 

1.2. Provide appropriate specialized training and workshops in collaboration with the different departments and different dental organizations.

1.3. Arrange and conduct non-CME activities (lunch & learn, seminars, lectures) for the academic and dental hospital faculties, staff, admin, and dental students.

 2-  Faculty Development Courses

Arrange and conduct the Faculty Development courses and seminars in collaboration with the Deanship of Academic Development.

For more information about available workshops:

3. Training and Staff Development Center

3.1. Arrange for hospital training programs, including General Dental Hospital Orientation program to newly hired staff before hospital exposure. 

3.2. Supervise and coordinate admin and support staff trainings based on assessment needs. 

3.3. Arrange and conduct dental certifications courses including Basic Life Support (BLS) lectures and courses, and Occupational Health & Safety (OSHA). 

CEDent Portal

The CEDent portal system will provide virtual online orientation programs that are easily accessible to all full-time and part-time faculty members, students, and staff members. The portal is easily accessible and time-effective, allowing the participants to receive certificate of completion at the end of the orientation. 

For more information, please visit the website.

Published on: 28 August 2023
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