The College of Dentistry Strategic Plan 2021-2025 is the premeditated commitment that reaffirms the college’s vision and mission to offer students a pragmatic dental education model built upon core skills integral to the field of dentistry in addition to areas of particular emphasis, including scientific research, innovation and community service. The strategic plan 2021-25 provides a framework to identify key institutional needs, opportunities and priorities that address the KSA’s Vision 2030, the National Transformation Program 2020, and the Strategic Plan for Higher Education 2020 (AFAQ), focusing on quality and distinction. 

The College of Dentistry’s updated strategic plan is aligned with Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University’s strategic plan (2018-2025) to lay out a solid framework of goals to cater to the Eastern region’s market needs and aspirations of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The plan aims at modernization in dental education, research, and patient care and to support future decision-making related to programs, facilities, onsite and outreach services, and finances. 

The Strategic Plan 2021-25 has 8 Goals, 26 objectives, 52 developmental projects, 155 initiatives and 240 performance indicators. Each initiative of the developmental projects has an estimated timeline, monitoring and achievement performance indicators, a responsible team, and the progress on the strategic plan components is reported annually. 


The Strategic Plan 2021-25 goals are as follows: 

Goal 1: Achieve excellence in contemporary dental education. 

Goal 2: Infuse a culture of scientific research and innovation.

Goal 3: Improve oral health and strengthen community relationships. 

Goal 4: Human resource capacity building. 

Goal 5: Maintain a vibrant learning and working environment. 

Goal 6: Advance the administrative practices and processes 

Goal 7: Foster financial sustainability

Goal 8: Embrace electronic transformation and system digitalization 


The COD Strategic Plan 2021-25 is aligned with the launching of the “2030 Vision” of the Kingdom. This alignment is at three levels: 

Level 1: Alignment of IAU and COD Vision, Mission and Values 

Level 2: University and COD Components, Functions and Strategic Goals 

Level 3: IAU & COD Strategic Goals with KSA Vision 2030 

The strategic plan implementation is monitored by the Quality Development & Academic Accreditation Unit at the COD. The units work closely with internal stakeholders and regularly reports  to concerned Vice Deans and department chairpersons and Dean.

Published on: 31 July 2023
Last update on: 26 November 2023
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