The College of Dentistry External Advisory Board is a consulting body comprised of members within the college and external experts to advise the Dean on strategic directions and priorities and assists in identifying resources required to address priorities in research, outreach and teaching needs.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Propose strategies to enhance the future of the College.
  2. Suggest ways to increase collaboration of the College with national and regional stakeholders.
  3. Assess program's effectiveness in meeting identified needs and program goals.
  4. Advise the College on implementation of the strategic plan, policies and priorities.
  5. Propose quality assurance mechanisms to ensure that the College fulfills the Universities Vision and Mission.
  6. Contribute in the development of collaborative outreach programs to meet the oral health needs of the community.
  7. Assist in identifying resources and fundraising activities for College.
  8. Assist in promoting and publicizing the College and its achievements within the community and amongst stakeholders.

Dean’s External Advisory Board Members

Name Institution Designation
Dr. Jehan AlHumaid Dean, College of Dentistry Chairman
Dr. Suliman Shahin Vice Dean for Studies, Development & Community Service Secretary of Advisory Board
Prof. Maha Abdelsalam Supervisor General for Vice Deanship for Studies, Development & Community Service Member
Dr. N.Karl Hayden President and CEO of the Academy for Advancing Leadership (AAL) Member
Prof. Nadim Baba Past President of the American College of Prosthodontists. Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Loma Linda University SDM Member
Dr. Abeer Ali Felmban Medical services director in Dammam in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Member
Brig. Gen. Dr. Faisal AlSineedi Director of dentistry at the King Fahad Military Medical Complex in Dhahran, KSA Member
Dr. Jamal AlSanea Healthcare and Educational manager at Sigal Medical Corp. Member
Dr. Ibrahem Ahmed Alsuhimi MOH, Head of Preventive Dentistry Department Member
Dr. Tahani Hussain Abushowmi Resident in Prosthodontics at COD, IAU Member
Dr. Zainah Salloot Demonstrator, COD, IAU Member
Dr. Leenah AlSulaimi Intern, COD, IAU Member
Mr. Turki AlShehri 6th year student, COD, IAU Member
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