Undergraduate Program 

The undergraduate dentistry program is a six-year program of study that includes the Preparatory year in the health track, followed by four years of study and then a one-year internship, after which the graduate will be qualified to practice dentistry.


  • To graduate skillful dentists who can then proceed to postgraduate programs.
  • To promote the understanding and application of Islamic values and traditions in all aspects of dentistry.

Program title Degree type Location
Internship Program Dammam
Clinical Attachment Program Dammam
Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS Dammam

Postgraduate Programs 

The College currently has several postgraduate programs. Each program focuses on a specialty to meet the needs of the community.

Program title Degree type Location
Fellowship in Endodontics Fellowship Dammam
Fellowship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Fellowship Dammam
Fellowship in Orthodontics Fellowship Dammam
Fellowship in Pediatric Dentistry Fellowship Dammam
Fellowship in Periodontics Fellowship Dammam
Fellowship in Prosthodontics Fellowship Dammam

For more information about admission requirements, please contact the Office of the Vice Deanship for Scientific Research and Innovation at:
Tel: 013-33-31510
Email: vdpg.dent@iau.edu.sa

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