Community Service Unit

The Community Service and partnership Unit (CSU) was established in the year 3/2/1433 AH, in accordance with the vision and mission of the university and the college in building a distinguished generation of dentists who meet the needs of the community. The CSU trains future leaders in the field of dentistry through community service programs. 

The unit has made improvement in providing oral and dental health in the eastern region. A major objective of its mechanism of action through our education campaigns, spreading health awareness and examining dental health, in addition to providing preventive and curative services.

The activities managed by the Community Service Unit are collaborative efforts between the college agencies and departments through two tracks:

Curricular Activities: Oral Health education campaigns conducted by students as part of the undergraduate 3rd year courses and research activities addressing oral health problems of the community during 6th year.

Extra-curricular Activities: Volunteering activities carried out by students through the college two volunteering teams "Bareeg" and "Basma" which include oral health
education, oral

Since establishing, the unit has carried out many awareness campaigns in the schools of the Eastern Province in cooperation with the General Administration of Education, charities in cooperation with the Saudi Diabetes and Endocrinology Society, Jood Charitable Society, centers for people with disabilities, Social Observation Home, Elderly Home, Social Nursery in cooperation with human resources and social development, and eastern region prisons in cooperation with the prison administration. 

The CSU also participated in many national events and international celebrations, the International Day for People with Disabilities, the Wörld Health Day, the World Diabetes Day, the World Autism Awareness Day, the Unified Gulf Week, and a series of virtual meetings For school students through the Zoom program for a number of the Kingdom's governorates.

The unit ensures the quality of services provided through continuous evaluation, stakeholder and volunteer satisfaction assessment, in addition to an annual report submitted to the dean of the college that includes the number of beneficiaries, services provided, and oral health treatment needs in the community, and continuous follow-up of the rate of evaluation of beneficiaries' satisfaction to improve the quality of services provided. The evaluation reached Over the past three years 92.49%

Volunteering Teams

The initiative of the Student volunteering teams at the College of Dentistry started with  Bareeg volunteering team in 2013 followed by the Basma volunteering team in 2015 to fulfill the University and the College's mission and vision in community service. The team was unified in the year 1442 AH - 1443 AH to become the Thanaya Health Team

Thanaya Health Team

Twitter: @ThanayaHealth

Bareeq Team

Twitter: @VT_Dent

Basmah Team
Twitter: @basma_cod

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