Community Service Unit

The Community Service Unit (CSU) functions under the Vice Dean for Studies, Development and Community Service to fulfill the University and College mission and vision in the area of community service.

The Unit started functioning with the  goal of improving oral health status of the community in the Eastern Province through oral health education campaigns, oral screening and provision of preventive and treatment services.

Activities run by the CSU are a collaborative efforts between the Vice Deanship for clinical Affairs, the Vice deanship for Academic Affairs and the Preventive Dental Science Department provided through two streams:

  • Curricular Activities: Oral Health education campaigns conducted by students as part of the undergraduate 3rd year courses and research activities addressing oral health problems of the community during 6th year.
  • Extra-curricular Activities: Volunteering activities carried out by students through the college two volunteering teams "Bareeq" and "Basma" which include oral health education, oral health screening and preventive services targeted to all parts of the community.

Since its establishment, the unit conducted many campaigns in schools, malls and charity organizations throughout the Eastern Province. The unit also participated in various national and international events such as World Autism Awareness Day, International Day for Persons with Disabilities and Gulf Prisons' inmates Day.

The unit ensures quality of the services provided by continuous evaluation and assessment of stakeholders' satisfaction in addition to an annual report submitted to the Dean of college including the number of beneficiaries, services provided and community oral health treatment needs.

Volunteering Teams

The initiative of the Student volunteering teams at the College of Dentistry started with Bareeq volunteering team in 2013 followed by Basma volunteering team in 2015 to fulfill the University and the College mission and vison in community service.

Bareeq Team
Twitter: @VT_Dent

Basmah Team
Twitter: @basma_cod

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