Research at the College of Dentistry (COD) covers multiple areas and topics in dentistry and oral health. Research priorities at IAU are determined and meant to employ the strong research areas of various colleges to enhance their research productivity, IAU visibility and ranking.   

Scientific research is an integral component of the University and Colleges mission statement. Through strategic plan, College of Dentistry at the Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University aims at: 

  1. Enhancing culture of intellectual curiosity and research of highest ethical standards among students and faculty members for lifelong learning. 
  2. Promoting industry related research to engage healthcare partners in all spheres for welfare of the local and larger community.   
  3. Improving research productivity, quality and increase publications in strong ISI journals.  
  4. Acquiring research funding for the College from national and international funding agencies 
  5. Inspiring researchers impulse for excellence, invention, and patenting. 
  6. Promoting collaborative research, locally and internationally. 
Published on: 28 December 2014
Last update on: 26 November 2023
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