Accreditation of the College of Dentistry by the Association of Dental Education in Europe (ADEE)

The College of Dentistry is the first college in the region to receive an accreditation from the Association of Dental Education in Europe (ADEE).  This accreditation exemplifies the excellence in the quality of dental education and services that the College provides on an internationally recognized level.

The accreditation was granted after extensive visits from the delegates of the ADEE to the College of Dentistry.  During these visits, the accreditation team appreciated the high standards of teaching and facilities in the College.  Students and faculty had an integral role in the progress of the College's development since it was established 10 years ago.  At the time of the visits,  the faculty and students of the College made quite an impact with the ADEE accreditation staff with the 384 scientific publications that the faculty and students had authored, especially since the College of Dentistry was a relatively young institution.  


Collaboration with Loma Linda University:

A collaboration between the colleges of Dentistry at Loma Linda University in California and Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University has been established.  The goal of this collaboration is to enhance the academic program at the College of Dentistry by the participation of faculty members from Loma Linda University in the undergraduate academic program.

Between 2011-2013 a total of eight professors visited the college of dentistry and participated in the following:
1. Provide lectures to students and scientific discussions .
2. Participation in practical sessions and lab supervision .
3. Participate in clinical supervision including training, discussions and implementation of patient treatment plans.
4. Review the contents of the curriculum relevant to their designated specialties.
5. Conduct workshops for faculty members.
6. Participate in community services by providing workshops for dentists in the Eastern Region in particular and the Kingdom in general.
7. Joint scientific research collaborations with the faculty members.

Academy for Academic Leaders (AAL)

The Academy for Academic Leadership (AAL) , an Atlanta–based corporation, is a collaboration of scholars, educational specialists, and academic leaders providing professional development and consulting services to academic healthcare institutions.  Within higher education, accreditation is one of AAL’s main areas of expertise.  The AAL collaborative has a record of success, with over 3 centuries of cumulative leadership experience, over 1000 peer-reviewed publications, and extensive funded research.

Objectives for COD and AAL Collaboration:
  1. Preparation of COD for NCAAA Accreditation
  2. Develop a contemporary curriculum in line with the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) standards.
  3. Provide faculty development programming to support accreditation and curriculum reform efforts.
  4.  Prepare the COD for application to be reviewed by the Joint Advisory Committee on International Accreditation (JACIA).
ADEA CCI Liaison Ledger

Campus Spotlight: Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, College of Dentistry

AAL Visiting Committee:

Dr. Karl Haden, Ph.D , President  of the Academy for Academic Leadership. 

Dr. Tobias Rodriguez ,  Senior Consultant and Vice President for Education at the Academy for Academic Leadership. 

Dr. Patrick J. Ferrillo Jr , Senior Consultant at the Academy for Academic Leadership, Dean of the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific.

Dr. Micheal Reed , Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Orthodontics, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry