This vice deanship is attached to the competent college dean. It assists the dean in the supervision of the development and quality operations, achievements of the quality standards of academic accreditation and assessment in the educational process of the academic divisions, in the quality assurance of the colleges’ administrative work, in addition to promotion and propagation of the culture of performance development and enhancement in all aspects.

The units attached to the Vice Deanship for Quality and Development;

  •  Quality Assurance Unit: This unit is tasked with spreading the culture of quality and assessment of performance standards amplified by an effort to execute and follow up on assessment and academic accreditation, setting up and execution of the strategic plans of the college, gathering data and information on a continuous basis about the quality activities in the college, documentation of the efforts and conclusions of all activities related to academic quality and accreditation, in addition to the generation of reports on the performance standards and satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the various activities.

  •  Professional Development Unit: This unit is charged with the determination of the training needs of the college personnel, participation in the presentation of training programs, follow-up on their executions, and assessment of the degree of the effectiveness of these programs.
  • College Alumni and Career Development Unit: This unit is tasked with constant updating of the alumni database, exploration, and canvassing of their opinions and feedback on the curricula and the required skills for the labor market, the difficulties they may have encountered after graduation, urging them to communicate with the college, supporting the center materially and morally and maintaining coordination with it.
  • Risk Management Unit: This unit is responsible for managing risks that may impact the college or any of its programs from achieving the targeted goals and objectives. This includes identifying, assessing, evaluating, and registering possible risks. The unit is also responsible for monitoring the reporting of risks via the IAU platform for risk management (Hemaya)
  •  Facilities Management Unit: This unit is responsible for managing facilities in the college. This includes identifying the facility requirements of the program and ensuring the fulfillment of these requirements. The unit is also responsible for following up with maintenance requests, identifying the underutilized facilities, and ensuring sustainable utilization of these spaces.
  •  Awareness and Community Service Unit: This unit is in charge of raising awareness of community service for students, faculty, and staff. The unit is also responsible for managing and facilitating community service activities in the college. The unit seeks to establish sustainable partnerships with local institutions to initiate or further the development of community service initiatives.  

  • Information Technology Unit:
  1. Supervises the update of the College webpage.
  2. Facilitates the update of the computer labs and devices.
  3. Coordinates with the IT support system “Saned” to execute technical support within the college.
  4. Conducts annual surveys to determine faculty needs in terms of IT facilities and library resources.
  5. Coordinates with the Deanship of Information, Communication, and Technology regarding the provision of required software and hardware, technical support, maintenance, and monitoring network performance in the college. The unit also supports the implementation of policies and guidelines related to the use of laboratories and digital information in line with IAU regulations.


Dr. Reham Mahmoud Ahmed Abdellatif

Vice Dean of Studies, Development, and Community Service

Phone: 013 - 33 31906

Email Address: rmabdellatif@iau.edu.sa

Published on: 23 July 2020
Last update on: 28 August 2022
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