This vice deanship is attached and reports to the competent dean. It offers assistance in the supervision of the progress of the educational, academic, and research process of the postgraduate studies students and the management of the units attached to it in a way that promotes the realization of the organizational objectives. It tracks the execution of the strategic plans for the achievement of the overall objectives and targets of the university. It assumes supervision of the academic and administrative bodies of the deanship. The units are attached to the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs.

The units attached to the Vice Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research;

  • Postgraduate studies unit: This unit is concerned and tasked with encouraging enrollment of local university graduates and foreign graduates in postgraduate studies, promoting the capacities of the faculty and cooperating organizations in postgraduate studies to achieve premium scientific and research performance quality.
  •  Scientific Research Support Unit: This unit is concerned with upgrading and advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the college as a prominent research center that operates on advocating participation and cooperation with the educational and research institutions and centers and the community organizations at the local, regional and international levels. The unit also works on the development of new and innovative fields of research in rare and outstanding specialties.

  • Innovation Unit: Spread the culture of creativity and innovation across the College, and create value by utilizing academic outcomes as potential innovations. Collaborate with companies and experts in the local and global market to maximize the potential of innovations. Execute the attempted innovations to achieve tangible results and expand the innovation canvas to reach a global audience.


Dr. Hala El-Wakeel

Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research

Email Address: hwakeel@iau.edu.sa

Published on: 23 July 2020
Last update on: 28 August 2022
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