It is an important branch of the college’s organizational structure and aims mainly to achieve the quality and effectiveness of academic programs in accordance with the best standards. This is achieved by working really hard to support the academic aspects of students, which contribute to completing their educational journey so that they become creators of renaissance and development. 

Scope and Responsibilities

  1. Supervise the units affiliated with the College Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs. 
  2. Supervise and updating study plans for academic programs. 
  3. Supervise the implementation of the executive regulations and rules for the study and for the examinations. 
  4. Prepare and supervise the class schedules for students. 
  5. Supervise the implementation of admission and transfer regulations from and to the college, as well as between the academic departments. 
  6.  Process requests for study delay and withdrawal, for deleting and adding courses and supervising deprivation lists. 
  7. Guide and counsel students, resolve issues related to academic achievement, and coordinate with the University Counseling Center. 
  8. Supervise the use of technology, e-learning, and distance learning in the college. 
  9. Supervise the conduct of exams and forming department-affiliated exam committees in coordination with the Deanship of Admission and Registration. 
  10. Supervise the implementation of the course “Field Training for Applications in Different Work Environments”. 
  11. Supervise student activities.

 Units and committees:

Teaching and Learning Unit

  • Prepare evidence and models for teaching strategies 
  •  Measure the satisfaction of faculty members and students with the use of teaching strategies

Study Plans and Programs Development Unit

  • Build a college plan to update or create study programs for the academic year. 
  •  Follow up on the development of study programs in the college’s academic departments. 
  •  Periodic follow-up to update and develop curricula in academic programs. 
  •  Periodic follow-up of course reports and development plans with academic departments.

E-learning and Distance Education Unit

  •  Enable all members of the educational staff to access e-learning and distance learning tools and systems 
  •  Provide the necessary support to members of the educational staff and solving all problems related to e-learning and distance learning systems 
  • Convert traditional courses into electronic courses

Student Services and Activities Unit

  • Prepare the quarterly and annual plan for student activity programs and their proposed budget 
  • Supervise and implementing the curricular and extracurricular plans and programs presented to female students. 
  • Communicate with bodies, institutions, and social centers for cooperation in order to support the process of student activity plans and implementation 
  • Follow up and review advances and activities budget

Guidance Services Unit

  • Provide psychological counseling services to female students and identifying their cases 
  • Prepare guidance plans for students who are struggling or about to struggle 
  • Prepare activities and general training workshops for female students.

Field Training Unit

  • Organize meetings and activities to prepare female students for field training 
  • Organize procedures for registering female students in training institutions  
  • Supervise the female trainee during the training period in coordination with the academic departments. 
  • Create a database for various training bodies in cooperation with academic departments and update it constantly.

Test Evaluation Quality Unit

  • Achieve accuracy, transparency and fairness in evaluation, testing and statistics  
  • Provide educational and technical consultations to prepare test forms 
  • Unify test standards and specifications for students of different specializations 
  • Prepare quantitative analysis of tests and qualitative analysis of the test paper.

Alumni Unit

  • Review and announce the lists of expected graduates 
  • Deliver graduation and clearance documents to female graduates 
  • Review and announce the lists of those expected to graduate for practical/field training 
  • Submit a request for additional services (amending a document - printing an academic record) to the University’s Beneficiary Service Unit

Student Services and Activities Unit

  • Follow up on female students’ excuses, studying cases, and giving approvals  
  • Provide electronic services to female students.

Academic Supervision Unit

  • Educate female students about the objectives of the Academic Advising Unit and how to benefit from its services 
  • Distribute female students to academic supervisors 
  • Follow up on the study of cases of female students who are warned and struggling academically 
  • Activate educational and promotional guidance programs in partnership with the Guidance Services Unit. 
  • A periodic report submitted to the Dean of the College

Admission and Registration Unit

  • Follow up and respond to all student services (transfer, visit, postponement, apology, withdrawal, re-enrollment) 
  • Follow up on registration requests through the student records system 
  • Prepare study schedules for the semesters and including them in the student records system. 
  • Extract the teaching load report from the student records system and reviewing it.

Contact us

Email: aad.edu.jbl@iau.edu.sa   
Ext. 38717

Vice-dean for Academic Affairs
Ext. 38677

Directors of Academic Advising
Ext. 38797

College Registerer
Ext. 38746

Director of Exams Quality Unit
Ext. 38665

Secretary of Exams Quality Unit

Director of Students Services and Activities Unit
Ext. 38588

Secretary of Students Services and Activities Unit
Ext. 38736 - 38748 – 38750

Alumni Unit
Ext. 38737

Director of E-Learning Unit

Secretary of E-Learning Unit
Ext. 38736

Director of Guidance services Unit
Ext. 39686

Secretary of Guidance services Unit
Ext. 38718 - 38686

Secretary of Field Training Unit
Ext. 38576- 38759

Director of Study Plans and program Development Unit
Ext. 38687

Director of Teaching and Learning Unit
Email: nealzahar@iau.edu.sa

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