Excellence and leadership in the field of scientific research and innovation


Improving the distinguished scientific research by raising its quality to enrich knowledge and serve the society, providing support to scientific research, and motivating researchers to innovate and create by providing a supportive environment that serves the research needs of the college departments.


  • Develop the college employees’ abilities in the field of scientific research and innovation.
  • Instill the values ​​and ethics of scientific research for all researchers at the college.
  • Encourage and supporting researchers to publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Encourage faculty members to seek research grants and apply for scientific excellence awards.
  • Enhance the faculty members’ participation in local and international conferences.
  • Provide an appropriate educational environment that is fully equipped with educational facilities, laboratories, and everything required by the college programs for better performance.
  • Enhance an environment of entrepreneurship by directing college employees and students to participate and attend relevant events.
  • Encourage co-publishing among faculty members, students, and college alumni.
  • Qualify demonstrators and lecturers for scholarships abroad.
  • Raise the quality of scientific research and minimize publication violations at the university.
  • Spread the culture of scientific research and publishing and raise awareness of the services and regulations of the Scientific Council.
  •  Identify gifted students and offer them with appropriate programs to motivate them.

Scope and Responsibilities:

  • Follow up and supervise forming research teams in specialized and joint fields.
  • Supervise the development of the research plan and develop mechanisms for executing in the college.
  • Follow up on the implementation of the college activities and activities in the field of scientific research and innovation.
  • Facilitate faculty members’ communication with the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university.
  • Follow up on the cases of college faculty members studying abroad.
  • Verify the completion of faculty members’ applications for promotions, sabbaticals, scientific communication, and attending conferences.
  • Follow up on what’s related to patents, registration files, and intellectual property rights, and encourage college employees to achieve these.
  • Follow up on the college and the university strategic plans in relation to the objectives of scientific research and innovation and achieve the relevant performance indicators.
  • Develop an executive plan for each semester and follow up on what has been accomplished at the end of each year.
  • Launch activities and meetings in the fields of scientific research and innovation.
  • Announce library services and programs implemented within the college.
  •  Announce training workshops by the university Department of Library Affairs.

Units and Committees

Scientific Research


• Develop an executive plan to activate the role of the researcher, to stimulate scientific production, and to follow up on members’ publications periodically every semester and on what has been accomplished at the end of each semester.

• Encourage co-publishing among faculty members, students, and alumni.

• Follow up on research production and any publication violations by faculty members.

• Submit annual reports about the outcome of the college scientific production.

• Organize training programs to develop the faculty members’ and students’ abilities in the field of scientific research and innovation.

• Supervise scientific meetings in the field of research.

• Complete all requirements of the university Scientific Council (appointments/promotions/ transfer/resignation /retirement/rewards for scientific publishing and research excellence).



  • Qualify demonstrators and lecturers for scholarships abroad.
  • Follow up on the cases of college faculty members studying abroad.
  • Raise faculty members’ applications for scholarships.
  • Automize faculty members’ scholarship data.

Innovation And Entrepreneurship


•  Conduct forums and enrichment programs in the fields of talent, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

•  Attract and nourish the talented and innovative to train and qualify them to be the nucleus for achieving the university goals.

•  Create communication channels with industrial sectors related to the college areas of specialty.

•  Incubate pioneering projects under the umbrella of the Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University Business Incubator.

•  Provide the appropriate environment for faculty members to work on projects and equipping them with the necessary tools to start them.

•  Encourage students to innovate, accomplish pioneer work, and build small projects.

•  Encourage students to attend and participate in activities and competitions that support innovation and entrepreneurship at the university.

Research and Self-Learning:


• Borrowing.

• Exchange of borrowing between libraries.

• Solve problems associated with missing books with beneficiaries.

• Assist using the library resources and databases.

• Advertise library services and programs.

• Survey faculty members’ needs for training workshops.

• Submit reports and statistics about the unit.

• Provide an appropriate environment that supports research and self-learning for students.

• Provide various activities to raise the cultural and scientific level of employees.

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