Visiting Student

IAU provides opportunities to students registered in other universities to study one or more courses in its various colleges per time and terms spotted by IAU Council. 

Application Period

Application for the  Summer Semester of the Academic Year 1445 AH is Unavailable.


  1. E-learning students are not eligible.
  2. Applicant must be either a Saudi or descending from a Saudi mother
  3. Applicant have completed a full academic year of a regular program in his/her college.
  4. Applicant must have an academic record free of any admonition.
  5. Procedures are completed via IAU Deanship of Admission through Student System with an attached approval letter from admission dean of the student current university includes the courses he/she intends to study at IA along with an official recently stamped transcript. 
  6. Courses of foundation year or the first shared year are excluded and not applicable.
  7. Civil ID of the visiting student is the academic ID along the student study duration at IAU.
  8. Visiting student has no financial rights on IAU. 
  9. Application is available per semester except summer-semester.

Documents required: 

  • Recent transcript stamped by admission deanship affiliated with the applicant's university.
  • Copy of the applicant's National ID or family record for (Saudi Student) or Resident Card with a birth certificate for a student from a Saudi mother. 
  • A letter or visiting form stamped by the deanship of admission of the applicant university is sent to the IAU admission dean. The letter must contain the courses required mentioned.  

Note: Documents must be scanned electronically and submitted in PDF format. 

Published on: 16 September 2014
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