Emergency Medical Care laboratory is well supplied with the best and most common devices and equipment used in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). It is divided into three minilabs with different environments and goals. Firstly, the main lab that has a spacious areas for simulation and practice with a projector and smartboard for audio-visual presentations. Secondly, the emergency room (ER) simulation area where various manikins situated in hospital beds to simulate care in emergency department with special control area where instructor can follow and guide student practice. Lastly, the fixed-ambulance simulation where students can practice real-life in ambulance care. Beside the ambulance is the simulated living-room for emergency simulation inside home. There are various manikins available with diverse models and kinds such as advanced simulation manikin, choking manikin, CPR manikin, trauma manikin, airway simulation and childbirth simulator. Much equipment used by paramedics on-field are available for practice like ECG, airways, immobilization, spine boards, stretchers, suction, and medications.  

Published on: 22 October 2020
Last update on: 02 November 2020
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