Physical therapy laboratories are well equipped with all latest equipment and devices which are used to research, experiments, measurements, and rehabilitate the patients. These laboratories are well equipped with state of art facilities for posture rehabilitation unit, gait reeducation units, movement analysis, neuro rehabilitate, strength and endurance training and testing unit. Many modalities, skills and techniques taught to the students to practice these before implementing to rehabilitate the patients.  

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

The physical therapy department has an exercise physiology laboratory equipped state of the art technology to conduct undergrad and postgrad research and exercise testing to facilitate human health and performance. 


  1. Bod-pod 
  2. Hp Cosomos Pulsar 3P
  3. Hp Cosmos Sirius device and software
  4. Cosmed Bike
  5. Electrodes Blue Sensor for ECG (Disposable, Adult 25 pcs.)
  6. Turbine 2000 (K5/K4b²/Qb²/QPFT 2001)
  7. Opto-reader 2000, K4 b² (kit w/ adaptors)
  8. Permapure K4 (L 73cm)
  9. HR Transmitter POLAR
  10. Quark RMR


Biomechanics Laboratory

The Biomechanics laboratory in the physical therapy department provides a platform for research and student’s education. The purpose of the biomechanics laboratory is to engage students and better prepare graduates and post-graduates' student to analysis layman, sportsman, and patient with or without disability during static and dynamic motion. 

This biomechanics laboratory equipped with:

  • Vicon System
  • AMTI Force Platform
  • Xsens (MVN Biomech)
  • Wireless EMG System
  • Tekscan Walkway System 
  • Novel Pedar, EMD and Pliance

Virtual Reality Laboratory

This laboratory is a unique facility that serves as a research, testing, and rehabilitation ground for teaching staff and students interested in exploring the educational potential of existing virtual reality experiences during walking. This laboratory has a GRAIL system equipped with a virtual reality curved screen that is synchronized with the pitch and sway of the treadmill, which simulates a natural environment. The system also has motion capture cameras, in order to be able to get complete kinematic and kinetic analysis of gait within a simulated natural environment.     

Neurology Laboratory

Neurology laboratory is one of the main laboratories in the Department of Physical Therapy which used to rehabilitate patient with neurodegenerative disease. This laboratory is furnished with auditory neurophysiology, Electrophysiological recordings, and behavioral paradigms devices. 


  1. Diagnostic Electromyography (EMG)
  2. BEMER-Pro-Set
  3. BEMER classic set
  4. Magstim HDCStim 

Cardiopulmonary Laboratory

Cardiopulmonary laboratory is designed to introduce the scholar and students about function and activities for invasive and noninvasive diagnostic cardiac procedures, pulmonary function, and respiratory testing. This laboratory is equipped with:

  • Sprio Air (Medi Soft) 
  • MAC 1200 ST
  • The UltimaTM CardiO2
  • Actiheart
  • Spiro-pet Portable Spirometer (G-T20)

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