Respiratory Skill Lab

In this lab the student absorb the basic clinical Respiratory Care skills and procedures needed by a respiratory care professional to initiate basic care to the patient. The main core competences studied in this lab are oxygen therapy, bland aerosol and humidification. Administering and monitoring effectiveness of medicated aerosol therapy will be covered. Noninvasive and invasive airway clearance techniques and lung expansion devices will be also covered. The RC skill lab capability can accommodate about 25 students in one section..

Pulmonary Function Testing Lab

In this lab students study a broad range of tests that measure how well the lungs take in and exhale air. These tests include basic and advanced pulmonary function testing such as: Spirometry, Lung volume measurement and testing the diffusion capacity (also called the DLCO).

Simulation Lab

Simulation lab is aimed to create an environment that mimics real world situations to enhance the student’s education and to train them so that they will be well equipped even under stressful circumstances.  Our lab simulations vary from the simple mannequin head on which to practice intubation skills to a fully equipped room with computerized equipment and patient simulators providing a controlled environment that mimic real situations. In the simulation lab, students can practice the clinical skills without a fear of harming the patient. Furthermore, simulation lab provides an unlimited number of trials and opportunities to challenge students in a controlled environment where they are permitted to make errors and learn from them. Also, patient-instructor role-playing can be carried out efficiently in this lab..

Research Lab

This lab was established for doing research for both staff and students. The aim of making a separate research lab is to offer a good research environment without external interruption for the researchers. Many of respiratory care equipment can be used in research topics held by faculty and students in this lab.

Sleep and Physical Examination Lab

In this lab students study basic procedures related to sleep studies ( polysomnography) which include electrode attachment, sleep study performance, and sleep stages recording. Also, the student absorbs different types of sleep studied (MSLT, CPAP titration...). The sleep lab design as a real bed room so that the student gets a real situation about polysomnography laboratory. The sleep lab is well equipped by updated sleep study machines.

Medical Gas Room

Medical gas supply room in (IAU) is essential for supplying piped medical oxygen, and air. Gas systems are monitored by central/source alarm systems. Equipment is connected to the medical gas supply system via station outlets. For emergency gas control area zone service valves are installed. The RC department has medical gas room in both male and female side.

RC Equipment Store

The aim of this room is to keep equipment used in teaching in save and organized manner and easy to access. It contains shelves and cabinets and it is in the middle so it is easy to access from different labs.

Computer Lab

The capacity of this lab is 30 students. This lab is shared between all departments in the college. It should be booked by the course instructor in advance.

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