Microbiology Lab

 Microbiology laboratory one of the basic sciences of clinical nutrition department. These laboratory techniques include isolation, culture and identification of bacteria, media preparation and Molecular technique. The microbiology lab is equipped with most of the machines needed to teach the students like Microscopes, Autoclave for sterilization, Incubators, Refrigerators, Safety cabinets.

Clinical Nutrition Lab

The Clinical Nutrition Laboratory is one of the main laboratories in the Department of Clinical Nutrition. Students learn to take physical measurements of patients using many scientific tools and techniques that help them analyze body composition. There is also a computer section in the laboratory to deal with  nutrition and statistical programs for food analysis and scientific research.

Food Processing & Preparation Lab

This lab is designed to introduce the student the basic principles of food processing and preparation, general characteristics of raw food materials, processing and preservation of foods; processing factors that influence quality .The practical aspects of food items consumed in everyday meal to edible portions of various food items. Preparation and evaluation restricted diet for patient.

Biochemistry & Food Analysis Lab

Biochemistry & Food Analysis Lab is one of the basic science laboratories in the Department of Clinical Nutrition. Students learn many chemical experiments that help them detect essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and fat. Students also learn how to estimate food ingredients such as acids, mineral salts and moisture in different nutrients.

Research Lab

This lab was established for doing research for both staff and students. The aim of making a separate research lab is to offer a good research environment without external interruption for the researchers.

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