Department of Arabic Language is one of the College of Arts for Girls-Dammam departments which has been established in the same year where the college was established 1399-1400H as the first batch admitted to the department and graduated in 1402-1403H.

The department confers three academic degrees, namely:

  • BA’s degree 
  • MA’s degree 
  • PhD’s degree

The new study plan of BA level has been approved at the department for the academic year 1430-1431H


Achieving academic excellence and quality in offering Department of Arabic Language programs nationally, regionally and internationally. 


Serving language of the Munificent Quran, pride of identity and the original legacy of Arabic language, keeping up with late developments, and meeting society needs in providing an educational environment which supports research, innovation and creativity.


  • To deepen belongingness to language of the Munificent Quran and pride of identity.
  • To achieve quality standards in the Arabic language programs.
  • To connect between the original heritage and the current studies.
  • To adapt a motivating educational environment for learning Arabic language.
  • To develop creativity and innovation and support them in science of Arabic language and its applied and technical fields.
  • To enhance scientific research in Arabic language specializations and the interdisciplinary studies in order to achieve the goals of building knowledge society economy.
  • To meet society needs and feed labor market with well-qualified individuals distinguishing in Arabic language programs.
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