The Department of Arabic Language at the College of Arts was established in 1979 - 1980 and its first class of students graduated in 1983. 

The department offers three programs:

  1. Bachelor
  2. Master
  3. PhD
  4. The new academic plan for the Bachelor of Arts in the Arabic Language was implemented in the Academic Year of 2009 - 2010.


Achieving excellence, distinction and quality in offering Department of Arabic programs nationally, regionally and internationally.


Serving the language of the Munificent Quran, taking pride in identity and the original Arabic Language heritage, keeping up with latest developments, meeting the community's needs in a research, creativity and innovation-oriented educational environment.


  • To deepen belongingness to the language of the Munificent Quran and to take pride in identity.
  • To achieve the recognized quality standards in Arabic Language programs.
  • To link the original heritage with contemporary studies.
  • To prepare a motivating educational environment to effect learning in Arabic Language.
  • To develop and support creativity and innovation in Arabic Language disciplines and its applied and technical areas.
  • To enhance academic research in Arabic Language fields and the interdisciplinary studies in order to achieve the objectives of the knowledge community.
  • To meet the community's needs and support job market with distinguished and well-qualified persons in Arabic Language programs.
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