In response to need of the community in the Eastern Province and in the Kingdom in general to provide human cadres in field of libraries and information, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU) has been seeking since its establishment to establish a unique department for sciences of libraries and information according to recommendations of the higher education sector in the Kingdom.

 As the university in general and College of Arts in particular have always been striving to achieve academic excellence and continuous development of their academic programs, and in compliance with spirit of the age of information technology and being aspired to offer all what may serve the Saudi society and support it in all sectors, College of Arts has launched Department of Libraries and Information since 1431/1432H to qualify female cadres being advanced scientifically and technically in field of libraries and information and able to practice the profession and serve community in order to meet needs of various sectors of information labor market in the kingdom.

 By 1444H, the title of the department has been changed to be Department of Information Science due to several reasons among of which is the ever-changing developments in the specialization of libraries and information nationally, regionally and internationally which prompted many departments to keep up with such developments in the concerned profession through introducing new curricula, developing their graduates’ skills and keeping up with this through changing their titles. Furthermore, such developments and changes which occurred in the National Framework of Qualifications as new needs emerged in labor market which compel the academic departments to respond to them through achieving learning outcomes ‘LOs’ consistent in preparation and qualification with available job opportunities. Moreover, the department has strived to effectively contribute to preparing and developing national manpower in field of spreading information services in society and raising information awareness and further adopting academic programs which stimulate to produce, transfer, disseminate and exchange information and facilitate its use in order to give graduates chance to compete in job market.


Excellence and innovation in information science nationally and internationally.


Preparing and qualifying cadres professional in field of information sciences and knowledge management and pioneers in scientific research in compliance with values and pride of identity within community partnership.


  • To prepare cadres professional in information sciences and knowledge management within quality standards.
  • To provide a motivating educational environment which promotes skills and values for the department affiliates.
  • To enhance technical skills consistent with labor market.
  • To enrich scientific research and support innovation in order to achieve pioneering research in field of information science.
  • To contribute to community service through spreading information awareness.       
Executive Plan for the Information science Department
Published on: 25 June 2014
Last update on: 21 May 2023
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