About the Department

Aiming to meet community need in the Eastern Province in particular and in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general, and desiring to provide academically qualified and professionally trained media cadres able to compete on both national and international level and building upon Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University pursuit to achieve excellence since its establishment, hence Department of Communication and Information Technology has been open as one of the College of Arts academic department which started to implement its academic program conferring BA’s degree in Communication and Information Technology upon commencement of the academic year 1434/1435H for Journalism and Electronic Publishing track and then it has been expanded to include two other tracks one for Public Relations and Advertising and the other for Radio & Television.



Achieving excellence and leadership in preparing cadres contribute to the process of cognitive building and community development in all fields of communication and media according to professionally, technically and scholarly high quality academic programs.



Building creative and outstanding media and communication competent individuals able to compete nationally, regionally and internationally having the theoretical and professional knowledge, technical skills and ethical values necessary to media and communications professions in conformity with world quality and accreditation standards.



  • To offer distinctive education achieving the highest standards of quality in fields of communication and information technology. 
  • To develop scientific, critical and analytical thinking for students and enable them to use scientific methodology in research and writing.
  • To develop students’ skills and train them on modern techniques of communication and information.
  • To enhance media profession ethics and values derived from principles of Islamic Shari’a.
  • To build students culture to serve contemporary issues of national, regional and international community.
  • To prepare and qualify students to meet labor market needs in field of communication and information.



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