Department of Sociology and Social Work has been established in 1431H to be one of the academic departments affiliate to College of Arts at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University (IAU) to meet the rapid-changing transformations in Saudi society and to respond to the kingdom needs of the cognitively and professionally well-qualified potentials and cadres in fields of Sociology and Social Work in order to achieve development and prosperity and serve Saudi society issues; the department has been working upon preparing and training graduates for serving community and effecting the desired positive changes based upon latest knowledges and skills used to refine and develop their knowledge and instill values of belongingness and responsibility in them, urge them to independence of thinking, train them on the twentieth first kills and stimulate them to take path of self and continuing learning in order to be able to improve and develop their prospective career.

Ti is worth mentioning that Department of Sociology and Social Work has passed two main stages on level of organization and tendency:

The first stage from 1431H till 1439H:

It is the stage which coincides with the first launch of the department as it was conferring BA’s degree in Sociology and Social Work as a one program.

The second stage from 1439H till now:

It is the stage where the department management deemed necessary to divide it into two independent programs for each of which a mission and goals derived from the department mission and goals, namely: Sociology program and Social Work program.

Department of Sociology and Social Work- since its first launch till now- has been striving to provide society with scientific potentials and professional cadres able to develop the Saudi society and serve its issues keeping up with any variables and meet labor market needs achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


Achieving leadership and excellence in fields of Sociology and Social Work keeping up with the national Vision.


Qualifying and preparing specialized cadres in fields of Sociology and Social Work equipped with research and professional knowledge, skills and experiences which enable them to serve Saudi society effectively and efficiently within creative and fruitful community partnerships.  


  • To enhance social responsibility and the professional and academic values for the department graduate.
  • To prepare and qualify cadres able to work at different social institutions and at civil society organizations meeting labor market needs and the digitalization. 
  • To enrich scientific research in field of the contemporary social phenomena and the Saudi society issues and problems and tackling them.
  • To support and enhance fruitful partnerships with society sectors through offering the programs, consultations, research projects and community initiatives. 
  • To exchange experiences and opinions with similar academic departments at universities and educational institutions.
  • To achieve the target highest quality standards in the educational process.

Sociology Program


Building cognitively, professionally and research distinguished well-qualified individuals in fields of Sociology which contribute to innovating scientific products through effective community partnerships to meet labor market needs and achieve the target quality standards.


  1. To enhance the professional and academic values and standards for the program graduates.
  2. To provide the program graduates with the theoretical and practical knowledge in various fields of Sociology to meet labor market needs.
  3. To enrich scientific research movement in order to produce knowledge contributing to understanding society issues and solving its problems according to the modern scientific trends in fields of Sociology.
  4. To improve the academic and administrative performance efficiency according to the highest quality standards.
  5. To build partnerships with different society organizations through many activities, research and consultations and the developmental and voluntary programs.

Social Work Program


Preparing specialized professional cadres in Social Work equipped with high level of knowledge, skills and values for serving society effectively in all fields of professional practice according to the recognized quality standards and within effective community partnership.


  • To provide society with specialized professional potentials in Social Work according to labor market needs and the digitalization.
  • To enhance commitment to the values and ethics of the professional practice of social work.
  • To employ scientific research and technical skills in solving community problems.
  • To practice social work skills with all systems at society organizations.
  • To optimize partnerships with society organizations through offering the social programs and activities. 

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