The Department of Sociology at the Women’s College of Arts in Dammam was established in 2009. 

Sociology is one of the most important scientific fields of knowledge related to human life, where all fields of knowledge can only be analyzed and understood. The developments of contemporary and modern sociology has resulted in the creation of two major fields: 

  1. The scientific-educational area is concerned with social research, which explores the mechanisms and reasons behind social behaviors, as well as social problems and phenomenon, culminating in objective scientific theories that explain social behavior.
  2. The professional area is were sociological theory is applied in order to serve society through social institutions and fieldwork in the form of community service.  


To achieve excellence in the areas of research and social service:  locally, regionally and internationally.    


To prepare skilled and cognitive specialists in the fields of Sociology and Social Work, while encouraging scientific research in accordance with recognized quality standards as well as create and develop active community partnerships.


  • Provide society with trained professionals in the disciplines of sociology and social work.
  • Incorporate and apply scientific research while solving challenges in the community.
  • Utilize and apply the skills and theories of social work in local community institutions.
  • Offer consultation services to all segments of society as well as both public and private institutions.
Published on: 25 June 2014
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