Department of History and Heritage is one of the College of Arts for Girls-Dammam departments which has been established in the same year where the college was established 1399-1400H as the first batch admitted in the department and graduated in 1402-1403H.

The department confers six academic degrees, namely:

  • Intermediate Diploma in Tourism and Heritage
  • BA’s degree in History- major: History
  • BA’s degree in History- major: Archeology and Tourism
  •  Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Heritage Management - Tourism Management Track
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Heritage Management - Heritage Management Track
  • MA’s degree in Economic and Social History

The current study plan of BA level in the History Program has been approved in the academic year 1439-1440H including History track and Archeology and Tourism track.

The program aims through its first track to study humankind history in general focusing on the ancient, Islamic and national history of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through integrated seminars represents all historical periods and different sites using a historical approach based upon criticizing sources and analyzing events and finding out lessons learned from them. Moreover, the program aims through its second track to study Archeology and industry of tourism and tourist guidance along with focusing on KSA’s antiquities and the promising future of its tourism in order to achieve the Kingdom’s aspiring Vision 2030 on national heritage preservation and marketing and to make the kingdom a world tourist destination.

the Tourism and Heritage Management Program seeks to fulfill the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by producing graduates who are competitive at the local, regional, and global levels based on the commonalities between history, tourism, and heritage management as academic subjects and disciplines. The three industries that revolve around each other and depend on one another to survive define the complementarity between history, heritage, and tourism. Heritage is the living past that society currently inhabits and is preserved by the society that strives to preserve it. This living history is a representation of peoples' cultural identities as well as the genetic imprint of culture that shapes our civilization including both tangible and intangible elements.

As for tourism, it is the bridge of communication between the cultures of nations, as it satisfies the cultural needs and desires of tourists to learn about. On the unique history and heritage of various peoples, as well as their social and economic context, the availability of natural resources, and other topics. Instead, it is the primary means of making economic investments in cultural heritage.


Excellence in historical, archeological and tourist studies national, regionally and internationally.


Preparing a graduate competitive in historical, civilizational and tourist studies and research, committed to values, proud of national identity and able to meet labor market needs within community partnership.


  • To prepare cadres in historical, archeological and tourist knowledge committed to values and proud of national identity.
  • To enhance the professional experiences, labor market requirements, self-learning and continuing learning using modern technology.
  • To develop research skills for students along with commitment to ethics and values of scientific research.
  • To consolidate and preserve society relation with its national history and heritage.
  • To ensure education quality assurance.
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