Department of English is one of the College of Arts for Girls-Dammam departments which has been established in the same year where the college was established 1399-1400H as the first batch admitted to the department and graduated in 1402-1403H.

The department confers three academic degrees, namely:

  • BA’s degree 
  • MA’s degree 

The new study plan of BA level has been approved at the department for the academic year 1445H

The study plan for MA level has been approved at the department for the academic year 1436H.


Achieving academic excellence in field of English language, literature and translation nationally, regionally and internationally.


Preparing well-qualified distinguished individuals in field of English language, literature and translation to meet labor market requirements and enrich scientific research and community service.


  • To achieve quality in education.
  • To develop critical thinking skills.
  • To prepare well-qualified individuals able to continue graduate studies and scientific research in the area of study.
  • To stimulate using technology in learning language and develop linguistic communication skills.
  • To enrich intercultural dialogue and enhance the Islamic identity.
  • To support academic research in field of Literature, Linguistics and Translation
  • To enhance sustainable community partnerships.  


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