Department of Geography & GIS is one of the College of Arts for Girls-Dammam departments which has been established in the same year where the college was established 1399-1400H as the first batch admitted in the department and graduated in 1402-1403H.

The department has been developing and providing till its title and courses have been changed to keep up with latest geographical knowledge to be entitled “Department of Geography & GIS” and hence students are able to combine discipline and modern technology in studying and collecting geographical knowledge that enable them to learn about world and its different properties and to navigate such world like tourists who make a mental tour associated with science and knowledge.

The department confers three academic degrees, namely:

  • BA’s degree 
  • MA’s degree 
  • PhD’s degree.

Through three academic programs, namely:

  • BA’s degree in Geography & GIS
  • MA’s degree in Geography & GIS

PhD’s degree in Geography & GIS


Cognitive professional excellence in field of geographic studies and their techniques. 


Implementing excellent geographic programs and adopting new visions in education, training, scientific research, cultural activity and scientific consultations to serve community issues.


  • To develop geography and GIS programs in order to prepare well-qualified individuals with competitiveness.
  • To promote efficiency of the intellectual, creative and research skills using modern technology and utilizing information revolution. 
  • To serve community and contribute to addressing its social and economic problems and provide scientific consultations.


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