The Department of Dental Education offers a variety of courses including Clinical Comprehensive Care, Interprofessional Engagement and Service Learning, and educational methods.  

Dental Education is a dynamic process, which includes training and assessment. These areas require continuous study and review to keep pace with the different developments that occur in teaching and assessment methods. The Department is continually developing and updating the curricula, in addition to fulfilling its educational goals of graduating qualified professionals as soon as possible. This specialized Department of Dental Education is concerned with providing educational services for faculty members and students at the College of Dentistry through teaching, consultations, implementation of different programs related to teaching skills, and raising the level of professionalism by presenting continuous learning and training programs for faculty and staff.  

The Department of Dental Education provides faculty with useful counseling that includes evaluation of teaching methods and materials, improvement of teaching skills, and the design of systems for assessing students’ achievements. It also provides students with learning resources and helps them to enhance their studying skills. The Department of Dental Education aims to provide an academic base and focus for educational activities within the college, including teaching, research, student evaluation, faculty development, and the review of the curriculum.  

The Department of Dental Education is mandated to support the educational planning and development in the College, improving all facets of the pedagogic process, maintaining faculty development, assisting in continuing education activities, and promoting effective study methods as well as independent learning for undergraduate students. 

The Department of Dental Education oversees all educational programs within the College of Dentistry, including undergraduate education, postgraduate education, and continuing education.  


Curriculum Design and Development  
This division oversees planning and coordinating curriculum development, benchmarking standards and auditing quality of offered coursework. 

Measurement and Assessment 
This division specializes in the evaluation of academic performance at the level of Faculty in various departments, and the evaluation of the learning outcomes targeted for students. 

Leadership and Professional Development 
This division oversees leadership training as well as faculty development in collaboration with the continuing education unit and Deanship of Academic Development.  



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