As part of the Kingdom’s tireless pursuit of a better life for its citizens and in light of the sustainable development of Saudi human resources, several measures have been taken in accordance with Vision 2030 with the aim of increasing the number of participants in recreational activities. And competitive sports activities at the local, regional and international levels, for men and women. To achieve a high level of health. To achieve this, an academic program specialized in sports science was created to qualify Saudi female students to be cadres in this field and participate in achieving the Kingdom’s future goals.

 The department aims primarily to prepare national female cadres who are scientifically qualified in the various sports science specializations (sports training, sports management, recreation and health) who are able to meet the needs of the labor market (fitness trainers, directors of sports centers, sports trainers and sports therapists, sports specialists). (Assistant coach, sports club manager, sports marketer). Which has become a broad framework for its use these days.


Providing distinguished, high-quality education by creating a sustainable educational, research and environmental environment that ensures the graduate’s qualifications for the labor market and keeping pace with the fields of sports sciences and physical activity.


  • Providing high-quality educational programs in the field of sports sciences and physical activity that qualify students with a strong theoretical and practical background.
  • Conducting high-quality research in the field of sports sciences and physical activity that contributes to the study of sports and its applications in Saudi society and provides innovative solutions.
  • Contribute effectively to improving the level of physical activity and healthy lifestyles of Saudi society in strategic partnership with the relevant sectors.
  • Attracting distinguished faculty members in the fields of sports sciences and physical activity, developing their capabilities and creating a stimulating work environment.
  • Providing infrastructure, playgrounds, and gymnasiums that enhance healthy sports, support student learning and excellence, and contribute to providing sports activities services to members of the college and the community.
  • Developing and sustaining quality services for teaching and learning processes and academic support for department students, taking into account risk management systems.
  • Increase the effectiveness of oversight, achieve spending efficiency, and create financial resources to support the department’s activities internally and externally.
  • Employing e-learning and distance learning techniques and making good use of smart technical media and digital applications in the field of sports and physical activities.

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Published on: 19 November 2023
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