The Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department was established in 1989 and since then it has produced qualified laboratory specialists who play a critical role alongside doctors and nurses in the day-to-day business of healthcare by performing a wide variety of diagnostic procedures as well as significantly contributing to medical research projects. The graduates receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS), after they successfully complete the four year long program of study.


A leading clinical laboratory science program achieving excellence in education and research.


To graduate competent clinical laboratory professionals in clinical laboratory practice equipped with skills and knowledge to lead innovative collaborative research and to serve community needs in the best ethical values of our profession


  • Provide quality education.
  • Continuously improving the learning standards.
  • Achieve national and international accreditation
  • Promote scientific research.
  • Enhance Postgraduate Program.
  • Serve the community.


  • To provide quality education and training that meets the present and future healthcare needs of the Kingdom.
  • To regularly improve the standards of learning, teaching skills and assessment methods to meet the needs of the job market.
  • To achieve accreditation of the CLS program through national and international agencies
  • To promote intradepartmental research activities
  • To provide guidance to undergraduate and postgraduate students in their research projects.
  • To provide competitive post-graduate programs for Clinical Laboratory Science graduates.
  • To serve the community by raising awareness about major health issues related to the role of laboratory in detection, prevention and monitoring of diseases.


  • The curriculum is academically strong in both the scientific and practical aspects, giving the students the knowledge and experience in order to succeed in their careers.
  • The Department offers a Master of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science.
  • The Department hosts numerous workshops and seminars on and off campus during the academic year.
  • Our teaching labs have been specifically designed to replicate clinical laboratories that can be found in any hospital. 
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