Physical Therapy (PT), also known as physiotherapy, is a dynamic profession with an established theoretical base and widespread clinical applications. It is concerned with the promotion of human health, the prevention of disability and the evaluation and rehabilitation of patients disabled by pain, disease or injury. Physical therapeutic measures are used in the treatment.

Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University's physical therapy program was the second established program in Saudi Arabia. In 2000 it was opened for male students and then in 2006 it was opened for female students. It was established to meet the increasing demand for PT in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since its inception.

The department of physical therapy provides quality higher education through well qualified faculty members. The department offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. in different specialties such as musculoskeletal, neurology, cardiopulmonary, pediatrics and sports physical therapy. The department consists of faculty members who are dedicated towards excellence in teaching, mentoring, and supervising clinical services and research in order to elevate the physical therapy profession.   


Distinction and innovation in physical therapy education and research nationally, regionally and internationally.


Provide a highly competent physical therapy education with an emphasis on evidence-based practice, facilitate creativity in research and promote effective community engagement.


Loyalty, Excellence, Teamwork, Transparency, Diversity, Creativity and Social Responsibility.

Goals and objectives

  • Provide education with high quality in physical therapy.
  • Promote scientific research.
  • Promote effective professional and community engagement.
  • Adhere to professional ethical standard and code of conduct.
  • Achieve professional recognition nationally and internationally



  • The undergraduate Physical Therapy program is distinguished by its balance between theoretical, practical, and clinical aspects, which are the basic requirements for practicing the physical therapy profession.
  • The Department has offered a Master of Science in Physical Therapy program for female and male students since the 1433-1434 AH/2012-2013 CE academic year, in the five main subspecialties of the physical therapy field, namely:  musculoskeletal, neurology, sports medicine, pediatrics and cardiopulmonary.
  • The Department of Physical Therapy has a research center which possesses highly sophisticated advanced labs for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, at the international standards level and has set the standards for reference for all Saudi universities.
  • The continuing education committee within the Department provides several scientific activities, such as:  conferences, lectures and specialized workshops in collaboration with the Saudi Physical Therapy Association (SPTA), in order to support and develop the practical skills of physical therapy personnel in the Kingdom and internationally.
  • The Physical Therapy Teaching Clinic of the University provides several services, including: clinical teaching and training for students, treating patients, health cultural services to the community as well as scientific research.
  • The Community Services Committee offers several activities, such as health exhibitions and cultural visits to schools for medical advice and prevention.
  • The Department is also in the process of establishing the pioneering Center of Research Excellence in Physical Therapy, which will be the first of its kind in the Kingdom.


Contact Us

Dr.Enas fawzy alanany
Chairperson of the Community Service Committee
Tel: 31352

Dr.Heba Mohamed Elbasatiny
Coordinator of Clinics Department of Physical Therapy and Academic Adviser
Email: helbasatiny@iau.edu.sa
Tel: 31345

Dr.Walaa Hamdy
Chairperson of the Laboratories Committee
Email: whelsayed@iau.edu.sa
Tel: 31344

Dr.Sahar Saleh Abdulaziz
Coordinator of the Department of Physical Therapy for female students
Email: ssabdulaziz@iau.edu.sa
Tel: 31354

Dr.Wafa hashem almusallam
Master Program Coordinator

Mariam Ibrahim Albaker

Nora Almulhem
Internship Affairs Coordinator

Rana Bamousa

Reem Ahmed Alajmi

Ashayer Obaid Alshlowi

Marwah Ali Alshammary

Faten albayat

btihal Abdul-aziz Alhawaj

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